The Sad Truth of E3

Welcome to E3, they say; all the best stuff is at E3, they say. But I ask you, friends, families, colleagues, what does E3 stand for anymore? While companies clamor to get their goods into the venue, while individuals get left out, (unless they are of some celebrity status, of course) why should anyone care about E3 anymore? Read carefully, as I indiscriminately destroy most, if not all of E3′s points of purpose, and prove to the general public, that E3 is to the laymen, and even most companies, a total waste, and useless facade which the true gamer and consumer should pay little attention to. The Hype is a Lie How many times have you heard about that game you want to play at E3, the one which looks flawless when the game devs (who have no doubt trained for countless hours) play it on the big screen in their auditorium. The one with sparkling clean graphics as if someone carefully took a bottle of Windex, and a squeegee, and carefully cleaned up all those fuzzy spots so that everything was nice and clear. Watch Dogs is a great example of this sort of misleading culture which has begun…


Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 173 – Miles Morales 616

Straight Outta Austin! is back! This week we cover the headlines: Miles Morales is officially Marvel ‘s new Spider-Man, we take a look at the Fear The Walking Dead teaser that’s got the internet going crazy, we take a walk down memory lane with Prometheus’ review of Jurassic Park, and Kevin Feige Promises Janet Van Dyne’s Wasp will be in ANT-MAN!  

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 067: Batman (Day) Returns

Batman Day Returns! See when it’ll be held at a local participating comic shop near you this year, plus more X-Men creative team rumors! Whose Detective West’s new partner in Flash season 2? What new comic is being adapted into a TV program? And a cancellation for the Batman Arkham game (not the game itself, breathe) that will make a lot of collectors cry. All this and more insight into the movies in this week’s episode so hit play and listen!    


Game of Thrones Season 5 Wrap Up

  The sun set on Sunday night and another emotionally-charged season of Game of Thrones came to a close. As in prior years, there was significant controversy surrounding several characters and their various dramatic subplots (as well as a few bloody deaths!), but this season still stood out as one of the best. We met the Sand Snakes of Dorne, Drogon returned, and the White Walkers really showed what they are capable of. Spoilers lie ahead so beware – stop before you read on, and catch all the earlier episodes on HBO Go or HBO Now, or on demand with Xfinity or FiOS. Once you’ve seen everything up until this point, read on!


Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 172 – For the Watch

Straight Outta Austin! is back! This week we cover the headlines: Jon Bernthal being cast as Frank Castle in Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2, The  Walking Dead’s Carl considered for Spider-Man, much of the news out of this year’s  E3, and south London’s “Bromley Batman”! We also discuss the season finale of  Game of thrones where Jon Snow learns a valuable lesson…. Fuzzy Slippers returns from drinking away his sorrows to give us his exclusive review of Jurassic World!  

My Thoughts Solicited Image

My Thoughts, Solicited: June 2015 Solicitations

We’re in June. Mid-way through June. The year is just about half-way done, but comics? That’s going just as strong if not stronger thanks to (in part) Marvel’s (literal) world and universe ending event that is Secret Wars. They’re not the only ones having fun, however, as Boom keeps going with the ever-popular Woods series and Image keeps up its recent resurgence with all their books and upcoming ones alike. 

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 066: Sir Christopher Lee The Legend

Sad news as Hollywood (and rock metal) legend Sir Christopher Lee has passed away. With an audio tribute, respects are paid to the man who starred in over 300 movies, putting him into the Guinness Book of World Records. Not everything is all sorrow news, however. Titan and Archie comics make the headlines this week with new a series and a reboot respectively. Marvel, as always, is talked about what they could be doing post-Secret Wars with not just one of their most popular characters, but with a writer as well. Hmm. Flash season 2 casting, Fear The Walking Dead info, MCU and Netflix Daredevil additions get all chatted about and much more!

Simple but deep, just like the game.

Quintet – I’ll Bet

Hello again my friends, to another episode of the show where I type things, and hopefully you read them. Today’s topic is an interesting little game called Quintet. Quintet is all about team work, and flying around an MMO-esque, open spaced world, exploring, destroying, and maybe(in the not so distant future) scanning, science-ing, and negotiating your way (or war) around town. Cut to the chase, this game is a space ship simulator with a lot of emphasis on needing every part of your ship (AKA every player) working in tandem with each other to accomplish goals; simply Role Play as a starship captain, or blast other player ships out of the skies.