10 Most Shocking Moments of Game of Thrones




I know I’m going to sound like a fan boy when I say that Game of Thrones is a show like no other, but… Game of Thrones is a show like no other! Most shows are fairly predictable and determining which characters will live or die is about as difficult as foreseeing what will happen in a show’s intro the second time around. That’s not to say that there aren’t clues about what direction Game of Thrones will take, but more often than not, if you’ve stayed away from spoilers, you’ll be genuinely shocked by some of the events. Over three seasons there have been numerous events which took me completely by surprise, and I’ve managed to narrow them down to what I feel are the 10 Most Shocking Moments of Game of Thrones!

10) The Night’s Watch coup d’etat



The Night’s Watch didn’t take too kindly to having saw dust in their bread


After being lead into the land of never ending winter and coming face-to-face with an army of White Walkers, The Night’s Watch showed a surprising amount of discipline. It’s been especially surprising when you consider that they’re essentially an army comprised mostly of condemned criminals. Well, that discipline ultimately unraveled once they were forced to shack up with Craster for an extended period of time. Craster was a poor host to begin with, but coupling starvation with his lack of hospitality created quite the powder keg and it was just a matter of time until someone put a sword in his head. Craster was playing with fire the entire time he taunted The Night’s Watch, so it was only fitting that his home was put to the torch as a result.

Shock Factor: Three daughter wives out of however many Craster had running around 

9) Thoros of Myr brings Lord Beric Dondarrion back from the dead



Tis just a scratch


First of all, I was fairly surprised that The Hound was able to kill Beric Dondarrion in spite of his flaming sword, due to his pyrophobia and all. But that wasn’t the truly shocking part, not by a long shot. Rather, every time magic is used in Game of Thrones I’m still taken aback because it’s done so seamlessly. That rings especially true in this instance, when Thoros brings Beric Dondarrion back from the dead after The Hound buries his sword in him. I felt just as shocked as The Hound did when Beric was up and walking around after tasting the pointy end of his sword. Luckily for Beric, The Hound didn’t take his head as a souvenir or he would have likely never returned from the darkness.

Shock Factor: 4 out of 6 returns from the “other side”.

8) Sam kills a White Walker with Dragonglass


No sword? No problem!


Everything that transpired between Sam and that White Walker was pretty damn surprising. Up until that point Sam had been too frightened to even defend himself. If he ever killed anything before, it was the mood with Gilly after he managed to earn himself some cuddle time. But when it came time to protect Gilly and her baby, Sam managed to find some courage and drove his dragonglass dagger into the White Walker’s back. The White Walker shattered into a million little pieces and then Sam did what he does best, he fled! We not only saw an act of bravery by Sam but we learned the importance of dragonglass aka Obsidian. And here I thought The First Men just kept them around as decorations.

Shock Factor: 5 out of 10 dragon glass arrow heads.

7) Jaime loses his hand


So Tyrion gets to be Hand of the King and Jaime loses his, eh?

So Tyrion gets to be Hand of the King and Jaime loses his, eh?


If there’s anything that Jaime and Tyrion Lannister have in common it’s their gift of gab. However, where Tyrion is usually able to talk himself out of trouble, Jamie tends to talk himself into more trouble. Thankfully being as gifted with a sword as he is, it never really caught up with him. Well, at least up until he ran into Locke, a sworn sword of House Bolton. Jaime attempted to secure his release the after he convinced Locke to leave Brienne unbesmirched. Unfortunately for Jaime, Locke felt more insulted than enticed by Jaime’s over reliance on invoking his father’s name to bail him out of every situation. To drive the point home, Locke drove his knife through Jaime’s wrist, severing his hand. I honestly would have sooner expected Jaime to die, before I would have expected him to be maimed which is why this moment holds the number 7 spot.

Shock Factor: 1 out of 2 still attached hands.

6) Theon betrays Robb Stark and kills Bran and Rickon Stark …only he doesn’t.



They’re right behind me, aren’t they?


Robb Stark made a lot of mistakes after inheriting the mantle of Lord of Winterfell and later The King of the North. One of his biggest mistakes though, had to be going against his mother’s advice and trusting Theon Greyjoy to convince his father, Balon Greyjoy, to aide them in their war effort against the Lannisters and the crown. Sure, on paper Theon may have seemed like the ideal candidate, at least until you take into account that the entire reason why Theon was hanging out in Winterfell was to keep the Ironborn at bay. Once Theon was out of the equation the Ironborn picked up right where they left off; conquering to their heart’s desire. Theon was ambitious, not to mention foolish enough to take Winterfell with only a handful of men. Though he easily sacked Winterfell, he had a much tougher time holding it. Bran, Rickon, Hodor and Aisha managed to escape and Theon was unable to track them down. So he made a desperate move to save face; killing two children who were around the same age as Bran and Rickon, then burning their bodies beyond recognition to pass them off as the Stark boys. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty relieved when they revealed that Bran and Rickon were in fact not dead. That said, I was still left feeling pretty awful with those children who were killed on account of Theon’s foolish pride.

Shock Factor: 2 out of 2 crispy Stark boys

…Too soon?

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