5 games Prometheus would love to see resurrected!

Out of my way chump!


1) Road Rash – I seldom play racing games, not because I don’t think they’re good games but because I’m terrible at them. I can’t manage to keep myself from crashing long enough to win a race and thus it’s difficult to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. That said, when you add in weapons, it tips the scale for would-be racing game fans. Plus, who doesn’t want to smack someone on the face with a steel chain while riding a motorcycle? I know I do! I’ll take a lead pipe, leather boot, or a taser as a substitute though. I’m really not that picky. Not since I was a wee lad have I played Road Rash. The last time I recall playing it was on Sega CD. (I was at Sears in the mall, I never owned that travesty of a system). Since then another version was released on the PlayStation which didn’t exactly garner admiration from gamers. Still, that’s no reason to put the kibosh on the franchise. Imagine playing a motorcycle racing game as gorgeous as Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. Now imagine you’re neck and neck with another racer, the finish line in the distance, creeping ever closer, then you crack the other racer in the skull with a steel chain sending him flying into on coming traffic while you cruise into first place. If that doesn’t excite you do must not have a pulse. Or you’re not a sociopath. Regardless. this game could take advantage of gamers love of customizing. You could have complete customization over your bike, your character, hell even join a biker gang err I mean a “motorcycle club” (Sons of Anarchy much?) Or even be on the other side of the law as a bike cop. You could have an assortment of less-lethal weapons like tasers, asp batons or a night stick. The possibilities are endless. I so want to play this game; if I had the know how I’d just make it myself rather than wait for someone else to get the bright idea. In the meantime I’ll have to settle for gunning people down while on a motorcycle in GTA. And that’s a poor substitute.


Say it! “I love crepes!”

2) Rumble Roses – Not because it was a good game, because it wasn’t, but it definitely had a lot of potential. Imagine Dead or Alive meets WWF: No Mercy. No, not Raw vs Smackdown or any of the dozens of incarnations of the sub par Smackdown engine. No, I’m referring to a far superior engine. Way back in an ancient time called the 90s, ’98 to be exact, the blueprint for the best wrestling game was released and it was called WCW Revenge. Developed by AKI corporation, now Syn Sophia, WCW Revenge is was the premiere wrestling engine. The spirit bar, grappling and reversal system exemplify how a wrestling game should be played. Not with a stupid life bar or whatever. No, WCW Revenge perfectly captured the pacing of a pro-wrestling match and while it wasn’t the prettiest it left behind untapped potential. Later came WWF: No Mercy which expanded on the game’s engine and added its own innovations which, I shit you not, WWE ’12 is just now getting around to including. (Say what?!) Anyway, growing up I didn’t own a N64, I had a PlayStation or PSOne for you noobs. Having a PlayStation I never actually owned any of the aforementioned games, not that it stopped me from playing them for hours on end. Instead, PlayStation owners were subjected to playing WCW Nitro and later WCW/NWO Thunder and even worse WWF Raw. Thankfully the engine used for WWF Raw no longer plagues us today but the clunky and lackluster engine used in the aforementioned WCW games is the predecessor to the current crop of wrestling games we have now. Yeah, I know. It’s lame as shit. And it needs to be rectified. So what does this brain dump/history lesson have to do with Rumble Roses? Not much, other than it was built on the same lame ass engine as the WWE games. Why not revitalize the wrestling game genre and allow players to realize potential that existed nearly a decade ago? And while you’re at it, why not have this potential realized with an all-female cast, clad in various fetish attire? Why not indeed.


This machine is probably older than most of you!!

3) Street Fighter with no number at the end – Yes, I mean the original. I envision a remake of the original coupled with a “not quite a classic” game. Even the most rabid Street Fighter fans have never had the opportunity to play the original street fighter. I consider myself fortunate to have managed to stumble upon a Street Fighter arcade machine at a movie theater downtown. In addition to a re-release of the OG Street Fighter, I’d love to see an upgraded version using the 3rd Strike engine. This has been a dream of mine for many years now and while I know it’ll never happen it’d be the most fantastic thing ever. (EVER!) Okay, maybe not that fantastic but it’d be pretty damn spectacular. Especially if Capcom bothered to throw an interesting story in there, maybe the origin of the Street Fighter tournament or something like that. And would a dramatic battle mode be too much to ask for?


Currently M.I.A.

4) Power Stone – Unlike my other requests/desires this one is not only a no-brainer but it falls into the category of “What the fuck” are they waiting for!? Sometimes I feel like the movers and shakers at Capcom secretly hate fighting games. Maybe someone embarrassed them at an arcade machine when they were yeh high. And despite all of the counseling and support groups they’ve yet to move past that period in their life. Whatever the reason it’s down right obnoxious to not have a new Power Stone game. It’s been 11 years! And yes, I realize they released a PSP version (Thanks Wikipedia!) but that hardly counts. That falls into the HD re-release category if anything. Anyway, I was never the best at Power Stone but it was fun, really fun. I love four player games in general and four player fighting games are few and far in-between. So to find one so balanced and entertaining as Power Stone only to see it fade to obscurity is heart breaking to say the least. It took 9 years before Capcom followed up Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and 11 years before a follow-up to Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released. Sadly, I have a feeling that we’ll sooner see a new Dino Crisis game before Capcom removes their proverbial heads from their asses and give us another Power Stone!


Bare Knuckle!

5) Side Scrolling Games – I don’t simply want just one game to be brought back but the entire side scrolling genre, I’m talking Streets of Rage, Final Fight and the classic arcade beat ‘em ups X-Men, Avengers and Ninja Turtles. It’s insane to me that there aren’t side scrolling games coming out all the time. They’re so simple, straight forward and damn fun. But I don’t want the same ole same ole where you have 2 maybe 3 offensive moves, special moves that drain your life and no ability to block or perform combos. What I envision takes a page out of the Fighting Game play book, literally. If you’re playing an X-men beat-em up you should have the full move list of their Marvel vs Capcom counter part. This way, rather than the game being a mindless button masher it instead offers a challenge for more skilled and advanced players. Boss battles could be similar to playing Dramatic battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3. The Boss characters would have a ginormous power bar and crazy specials, allowing them to contend with up to four players at once. The closest thing to this kind of game would be the Tekken force/Devil Within/Scenario Campaign modes. However, I’d consider that more of a  hack and slash game as opposed to a side scroller. I’m doubtful that any game like this will ever be released but we can dream can’t we? We can dream…


– The “Nostalgic” Prometheus

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