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Punching the Walls of Reality is comprised of a group of extraordinary individuals creating extremely ordinary podcasts, blogs, and various updates.  We strive nominally to bring you the latest news at least a week after it was originally released.  We’re funny though, sometimes.  And we’re energetic, every so often.  But we do have content twice a week, at the very least.  Those, at best, are very consistent.

PTWoR, as well as any mediocre acronym goes, was the ill-created child of Prometheus and Amuro Jay (formerly of Agamemnon).  Back in 2011, the two sat in Agamemnon’s duplex garage and recorded a travesty of events that transpired for approximately two hours.  Scattered with bad audio, horribly covered topics – a tradition that continues to this day – and all the energy of a depleted battery, a podcast – if you could call it that – was born.  However, the podcast wouldn’t air until a few months later, when one of the two lazy-assed jackalopes mustered the effort to create a WordPress, and the other, the site’s very first article; a love letter filled with hate for Jesse Eisenberg.  From there, the site grew and grew, and after three years, stagnated once both gentlemen decided they needed to do more with their lives.  Agamemnon was hit with excess amounts of radiation after absorbing the entirety of the time vortex, thus having to undergo his 10th regeneration, becoming Amuro Jay, a pudgy and avid Gundam fan; really just a fan of a lot of different fandoms.  The Gundam thing hasn’t really changed since the regeneration.  Prometheus remained indifferent, recruiting new members that stumbled on his path, updating the site(but not really), and keeping the site fresh with stale podcasts.  The two remain steadfast to keep their baby from dying, but will it ever pay off?

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