Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers – We may never know where his name came from, but all we know is Fuzzy Slippers came when no one wanted him.  He stayed a while (we listened), he ate cheese doodles loudly on the podcast, and he filled in for Bobby Beatle, and enamored us with his nonchalant nature and dry wit.  Although he’s not so reliable, and he’s always bringing people of questionable nature onto the podcast (I’m looking at you, Tuesday), he always an entertaining fellow.  Other days, we weren’t even expecting him to show up, and he’s there; he’s very sporadic that way.  Aside from providing infectious commentary, and actually active in keeping Amuro awake, dude doesn’t really do much else.  No articles, no side projects, not even ethics in gaming journalism!  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, his beard smells like corn chips and sour gummy’s.