Ice – Currently the third, and sometimes second, member of the Straight Outta Austin! podcast, even though he’s not from Austin, doesn’t even live in Austin, nevertheless, Luis, as he is also known, represents an invaluable asset of content creation, topic uploading, and consistent editorial headaches.  Seriously, I have no idea what some of his sentences mean.  Since his initiation into the group, Ice has started his very own podcast, The Comic Bubble, which is very self-explanatory, but if you need me to spell it out, fine; it’s about comics!  He’s also the only current member that posts content on a constant basis.  Luis knows just about everything there is to know about comics, but without the stereotypical ‘comic book guy’ snootiness… sometimes.  Nobody’s perfect.  Twice a year, Luis hosts The Comic Bubble Quiz Show, wherein he asks ridiculously worded questions that are difficult to understand, and the winners win absolutely nothing, except for the fact that Luis is better than them at comic book trivia.  The show is very phallic for him.  He wishes he was Iceman from the X-Men, also a phallic reference, but if he were a Ninja Turtle, he’d be Baxter Stockman.