Ingredients – A casual reviewer of all things indie games, Ingredients spends much of his dedicated site-time playing some of the weirdest, most obscure, yet oddly interesting, games anyone could hope to play.  An old school acquaintance, and devout friend, of founding father Bobby Beatle (RIP), Ingredients makes an occasional appearance on the podcast, Straight Outta Austin!. His first appearance, however, was atrocious.  He spend most of his time on his back, and literally no sex was involved, so clearly there was no reason for him to be in such a position.  We kept coaching him to speak into the microphone, and instead he decided to place it on various parts of his body, and figured physics would, “do the rest”.  Although both Prometheus and Amuro were reluctant to bring Ingredients back on board, their roll at the dice paid off, and Ingredients has become an invaluable asset to the monthly hustle.  If he were a Ninja Turtle, he’d be Mad Dog from The Raid Redemption.