Austin Nerd Cave Showcase!

austin-nerd-cave-headerSandwiched between STAPLE! and Wizard World is a relatively new event, the Austin Nerdcave Showcase! The Austin Nerd Cave Showcase, presented by Racketeer Robot and JenHeartsArt, is a one-night event hosted at Tribe Comics and Games which boasts fan art, indie comics, live sketching, a photo booth, refreshments, live music and more!

The focus of the Austin Nerd Cave Showcase is to help artists get more exposure, so let’s get out there and show them some support!

If you made it out last year, you’ll notice that the Austin Nerdcave Showcase has grown, they’ve expanded their layout as well as included more artists, now totaling over 20. You can also look forward to seeing new projects from many different artists and vendors. As the Austin Nerd Cave Showcase continues to grow their goal is to incorporate as many elements of geek culture as possible. For example, this year’s showcase will feature performances from Nerdcore Hip Hop artists. Additionally, they’ll be adding a “Nerd Bike” showcase where you can show off your own unique, custom and perhaps comic books themed bike. 

For those who are new to the Austin Nerdcave Showcase as well as those who are returning can look forward to the following artists and vendors:

As well as Live Music Performances by:

The goal of the Austin Nerdcave Showcase is a worthy one, ‘to unite the creative community for comic and gaming enthusiasts to share their common interests and have a good time’. 

If you’re planning to attend then mark your calender for Sunday, April 7th. The event lasts from 6pm – 10pm and is being hosted at Tribes Comics and Games.

– Prometheus


You can follow Racketeer Robot on Twitter @racketeerrobot and stay informed about upcoming events!

Also, special thanks to Strange Kids Club for allowing me to siphon infomation from their interview.

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