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Super Issue 6 Review

Written by: Justin Piatt and Zachary Dolan Art: Zachary Dolan Inks: Laurie Foster & Tara Kappel Following another successful Kickstarter campaign, Unlikely Heroes Studios brings us the long awaited 6th issue of their superhero comedy, Super! This issue is jam packed with their unique brand of comedy which is at the core of what makes this series so damn entertaining. If you’re already a fan of the series then you’ll definitely appreciate what this issue has in store for you. Even if you’re brand new to Super!, you’ll likely fall in love with this series and its hilarious characters. The jokes are as sharp as ever and the art is downright gorgeous.

Between the Panels – Episode 4

In this episode we discuss DC: Rebirth, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Controversy, Norman Reedus wanting to play Ghost Rider and claiming that The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Will Be 100% Worth The Wait, Ice’s X-Men: Apocalypse Review, John Boyega joining Pacific Rim 2, and Kiefer Sutherland possibly appearing in 24: Legacy.

Between the Panels – Episode 3

The Novas, including for the first time, Casey Nova join us in this episode!

Between the Panels – Episode 2

We interview Uncle Staple for this year’s Staple Con!

Between the Panels – Episode 1

  Prometheus and Ice take you Between the Panels!

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 202 – Yawn of Justice

Boil up some Mountain Dew it’s gonna be a long podcast as we dissect Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Staple Con Diversity in Comics Panel

Staple Con 2016 brought us a fantastic and thought provoking panel, Diversity in Comics: Past, Present, and Alt Future, with C. Spike Trotman, Isaiah Broussard, Sophie Goldstein & Gene Ha. Moderated by Paul Benjamin! Enjoy!

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 201 – Staple! Con, Deadpool, & Friends

  In this episode of Straight Outta Austin! we discuss the Deadpool movie, Iron Fist’s potential casting, JJ Abrams bringing more diversity into Hollywood, Kojima wanting his new game to become an anime, the train wreck that is Street Fighter V, a new Gundam video game, and why ninja stars and recreational drugs don’t mix.