Battlefield 3: One Fanboy’s Add-on Dream List



The clock winds down as the ultimate battle of the year looms on the horizon.  This October and November, Battlefield 3 hits store shelves everywhere to go p4p against the console champ, Modern Warfare and it’s 3rd installment.   As an ultimate fanboy of the Bad Company 2 series and a former Modern Warfare 2 run-n-gunner, this has me soaking my pants with glee and excitement.  But that’s not what this blog is about.  I’m here just to throw out a few minor adjustments and suggestions that DICE may or may not want to look into before it releases Battlefield 3 later this year.  Some of the things that made Bad Company 2 such a great game can make Battlefield 3 a superb one just by making a couple of tweaks and additions to it’s specs and arsenal. 1.) Secondary All-Kit Weapons – Yes, secondary weapons are a staple of every FPS nowadays from pistols to grenades to the em-effing mortar strike.  Frag grenades are great and all, but they’ve hogged the spotlight for way too long.  We need a little variety to spice up the battlefield.  Did you ever go to the weapons menu in BC2 just to stare at all the little gold stars on your tv and how many more kills you needed on your M416 until you went Platinum?  I did.  Well did you ever take a gander at the secondary section, right around where the Grenade and Knife tabs are located?  And did you notice all those blanks tabs all around it?  And it bothered you, didn’t it?  Well, how much more fun would it have been if there was a tab for an Incendiary grenade, tear gas or a flashbang?  How cool would it be to have a bayonet attachment on your rifle in lieu of an actual knife.  Granted, there’s a trade-off but it’s all part of the balancing system.  I understand having the suppressors and grenade launcher attachments specifically assigned to classes but honestly, you can put a silencer on any rifle, pistol or smg and gl attachments are compatible with most large and small rifles.  Also, I might get some flak for this but oh well, make C4 available for All-Kits, provided you choose an All-Kit Primary weapon.  Since Assault class is now also Medic class, you could balance the game by either making that class choose between med kit or defibs if they want to swap to an All-Kit Primary Weapon/C4 combo.  With the Engineer class, it’s a no brainer.  I’m assuming the Medic class will be Support and will probably be equipped with the ammo cache now.  Makes sense, the guy with the M60 is usually the guy who couldn’t shoot worth a damn in Basic and is used to carry any extra ammo for the rest of the squad/company.  It was already available to the Recon class, which is only fair since Mortar strikes are so slow and inaccurate.



  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Tear Gas/Smoke Grenade
  • Bayonet
  • All-Kit Suppressor attachment
  • All-Kit Grenade launcher attachment
  • All-Kit C4 Explosive


2.) Primary All-Kit Weapons – Bad Company 2 represented big time with a slew of shotguns along with an updated version of the M1(also included) in the M14 Modified, the G3 rifle and the Tommy Gun (sans drum barrel).  All great choices, save for the Saiga.  I hate it.  The AS-12 was a great substitute for the AA-12 but I’d still like to see it’s inclusion.  A return to an oldie but goodie, the MP5N, would be sooper nice and it needs to be made available in the All-Kits section.  Another nice addition would be the AK-47 jsut to give every kit a chance to use at least one weapon from ever another kit.  I wouldn’t recommend any sniper rifles for the simple fact that as awesome as it would be to pick heads off while you’re  sitting on top of an ammo cache or a damn med-kit, that’s just not very balanced.

    • AA-12 Shotgun
      Ooh, sexy! And the gun ain’t too shabby either.



  • MP5N
  • AK-47
  • 500 Tactical Shotgun
  • Thompson SMG (with Drum Barrel)


3.) Class Specific Weapons –  To be honest, I was never completely satiated with the option of weapons in Bad Company 2.  Assault easily had many of my favorites and I’ve gotten at least 1 star on each of them.  With Recon, I use GOL, M95 and I’m barely starting with the M24.  I never cared for the Medic class but I do enjoy using the SAW, XM8L and MG36.  With the Engineer class, I had my favorites; The SCAR-L, XM8-C and Ak-74.  All the other guns feel more like machine pistols than bonafide SMG’s.  Although Engineer is my best class, I don’t have any real suggestions aside from, more stuff that “blow up and go boom!”  As much as I’ve hesitated to mention them due to their sheer cheapness in the COD franchise, Claymore mines would be a perfect fit for Engineers.  With Engineers handicapped by close to mid-range firepower and long reload times with their rocket launchers, Claymore mines provide the perfect equalizer to add/close distance between a you and an attacker.  How many times were you frustrated trying to take out an opponent from long range with your Uzi while running through the Panama Canal map, only to have your efforts nullified because they had an assualt rifle with stronger and longer firepower (even more reason to make the Ak-47 an all-kit weapon).  Also take into account that now the Assault class will be able to deal the same damage while healing themselves and others.  This will prove quite a difficult task for Engineers trying to up their UMP kill count.  Claymores, if used efficiently, can close or open the gap between you and your opponent.  And if you get killed, who knows, they may just run into it anyway ;)  Another nice addition to the Engineer class is some kind of scope guided rocket system because it’s a frikkin bitch to guide that thing under enemy fire.  My idea is that it works similar to using the KORN where your controlling the missle in the same manner, from a remote location, and guiding it to that annoying helicopter, but in first person mode with a camera attached to the head of the missile.  Of course all this would only be possible if the rocket launcher you’re using is already equipped for laser guiding(AT4) or if the target is tagged by a tracer dart. Assault class has always seemed to be teh class of choice.  With that said, I would love to see more of my favorite rifles make the cut like say, the SCAR-H or the ACR, both elite level weapons.  Now with the addition of a med-kit and getting the ammo cache taken away, Assault still seems like a pretty solid class.  There’s nothing I would really take away from it.  Now if I remember correctly, the Medic class will convert to the Support class and will be carrying the ammo boxes around along with their LMG.  I wasn’t particularly a big fan of the LMG’s but I would like the ammo boxes to  function similarly to the Med-kits as far as perks go.  With the med kits, you had the option to either expand the area that team mates could replenish their health from where your med-kit was placed or have the med-kit deal more health at a faster pace.  Substitute “health” for “ammo” and we got some pretty nice perks. Recon is probably my favorite class, mostly because of the challenging nature to not sit around and snipe enemies and being able to play “Cat and Mouse” efficiently.  I especially love that everybody hates Recon and I constantly get hate mail from people saying I’m camping around or doing the no-scope routine (guilty).  What they don’t realize is that it’s not easy to rack up points when I’m running around with a Grach in my hand, but I do and I’m sorry I piss so many of you off.  In this instant, prepare to disagree, I feel Recons are severely underhanded which is why I think they deserve machine pistols as an exclusive, secondary weapon like the Glock-18 or the Avtomat brothers.  The G18 is similar to the M9-3r but it’s a freaking Glock, which I love!  Was it just me, or did anyone else every position a mortar for a location a quarter mile away only to have it land right on top of your position because one little leaf was right in your way?  Yeah, well there’s an easy solution to that.  Laser Guided Mortar Strike!  This way, you can tell if the laser is hitting the building or if it’s hitting the fucking leaf in front of you.  And yeah, I realize they’re already laser-guided but we need a laser we can see so we don’t blow ourselves up like Leslie Arzt.  And if Mortar Strikes never tickled your fancy, something like an Air Strike or Carpet Bomb should be made available.



  • Engineer – Claymore Mine
  • Engineer – Scope Guided Rockets
  • Assault – SCAR-H rifle
  • Assault – ACR rifle
  • Support – Ammo Box Perks similar to Med-Kit Perks
  • Recon – Exclusive Secondary Weapons (i.e. G18, Avtomats)
  • Recon – Friendlier Mortar Strike
  • Recon – Air Strike/Carpet Bomb options instead of mortar strike


4.) Additional Content – In addition, getting team killed shouldn’t count against the victim’s K/DR.  The victim does nothing wrong, yet gets equally punished.  A Kick Vote should be enacted or, even more fun, the TK’r should become a neutral enemy who can be killed without anybody getting punished for killing him/her and the Tk’r will immediately be kicked from the server upon death and receives NO points, kills or pins they may have accrued during the match.  This should take affect after the attacker commits 2-3 consecutive team kills.  This is more of a cosmetic feature, but I’d like to throw some camo on my gun.  Nothing fancy like MW2, just your basic olive, navy, forest and desert camo’s.

  • Increased Punishment for Team Killers
  • Optional Gun Camouflage

Well, that’s all I got for now, folks.  Thanks for reading.

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