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Photo by Georgia Nelson

Maria Romas, better known to the cosplay community as Mariedoll, is a professional model from Houston,Texas. In addition to her love of cosplay, she also I loves photography, dancing, modeling, anime, and videogames. She especially loves her two schnauzers to death! The professionalism of Mariedoll is apparent in every one of her photos, she’s more than a pretty face and really knows how to bring her characters to life. 

There are many who cosplay as Morrigan but none quite do it like Mariedoll.

If you know the story behind Posion, Mariedoll’s Poison may just cause you to question yourself, more than just a little bit. Likewise, her Sakura is damn cute and spunky, not unlike Sakura herself. It’s interesting to note that Mariedoll’s take on the Spartan from Halo was influenced by an action figure she found online. Let’s be thankful of that action figure.


Photo by Werunhou

Let’s be honest, Mariedoll’s Velma cosplay optimizes how you’ve always imagined Velma, but were too shy to admit. Jinkies indeed.velma2_by_mariedoll


On the comic book side of things Mariedoll does a breath taking Black Cat, and damn excellent renditions of Poison Ivy and Black Widow.


For more, be sure to check out Mariedoll on Deviantart as well as on Facebook

– Prometheus

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