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Riddle is a fantastic cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia who maintains a secret identify, claiming that if she speaks ‘her real’ name she’ll disappear. She’s been cosplaying for over 12 Years! So it should come as no surprise that loves cosplaying and feels that it’s a great way to express her passion for the hobbies she loves. In addition to cosplaying as a hobby she’s even done make-up work for both  X-Men: First Class and Teen Wolf!

Riddle as Black Cat

Riddle has an uncanny ability to do justice to characters I love, like Mrs. Monarch, and she’s even able to make characters who I’ve never really cared for, like X-23, look awesome! As far as the comics go, I’ve been pretty indifferent to the Wasp, but when Riddle cosplaying her, she absolutely has my attention.


Riddle as Wasp

Riddle does some real justice to two sci fi classics, Star Wars and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. No Princess Leia slave outfit for this gal, but she’s kind enough to treat her fans to some Major sideboob. 


Riddle as Major Motoko Kusanagi

Don’t forget to check out Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe, her DeviantArt page, and follow her on Twitter @ridd1e!

– Prometheus

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