BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea will blow your mind!


If you loved BioShock: Infinite, as I absolutely did, then you’ve likely been waiting impatiently for the first story-based DLC to be released. Well, luckily BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode One is almost here. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect.

Back to Rapture

Burial at Sea takes you back to Rapture, before the fall. You start on December 31st, 1958 when the utopian facade began to come apart and the internal factions began gearing up for conflict. The city is on the brink of chaos creating a truly awesome atmosphere. You can almost feel the tension… almost.

More mind bending storylines

The storyline for BioShock: Infinite blew many a mind and Burial at Sea is likely to do the same.   From the minute I began Burial at Sea I was intrigued as to why the characters were in Rapture and what their connection to Columbia was. You’ll have to put in work to uncover why and unlock the secrets of the game but dare I say it’s worth it as Burial at Sea‘s storyline is expected to be just as gripping as the main storyline in Infinite was.

Incredible in-game graphics

It goes without saying that Irrational Games produces games with superb graphics and Burial at Sea raises the bar once again. It’s a triumph of visual design and its graphics are pitch-perfect film noir. Despite the intense graphic load, the game play is smooth, not unlike that a site like , where it doesn’t matter how fast you play, there is no lag. The use of color and lighting, the typical art deco buildings, intense, rich colors and the realistic effects stay true to what you’ve come to expect from BioShock. You won’t be disappointed, every single scene I saw in Burial at Sea was awesome!

New look at Elizabeth

Fans of BioShock Infinite know that Elizabeth is the stories driving force, but Burial at Sea adds a new dimension to her character and takes her persona to a whole other level. The storyline adds a really cool flip on her past relationship with Booker and she becomes the instigator and a leader, as she holds the key to knowledge of the past. Booker has also lost some of his memories which give Elizabeth the upper hand and he becomes a bit of an uneasy protagonist as he knows she’s in control.

Burial at Sea will be available on November 12th and I for one cannot wait!

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