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If you were disappointed with last week’s episode, fear not because Confessions absolutely delivers! Walter gives his “confession” to Hank and Marie, whilst trying to avoid being annoyed to death by the waiter from Office Space. After that, it starts to look like Walt is in the clear, again, only for Jeese to threaten everything that Walt has accomplished, yet again. To be fair to Jeese, this time around he has a damn good reason to.

Confessions starts off with Todd leaving Walt a voice mail about their messy “change of management”. Apparently Declan received his pink slip through the barrel of a gun. Todd then joins his uncle Jack and his mustachioed companion, Kenny inside the Route 66 diner. He’s having story time and telling them all about the train heist where he, Walt and Jeese stole the methylamine. Todd conveniently left out the part where he shot the kid who stumbled across them. Guess that would have been too much of a buzz kill. His uncle Jack and Kenny go off to the restroom to freshen up. Kenny combs his hair while and uncle Jack wipes some blood off of his boot, presumably from their hostile takeover. He sloppily tosses the bloody paper towel into the toilet and fails to notice that it doesn’t flush all the way down. Could this been a crucial piece of evidence that will bring everyone down? Or is it simply a testament to uncle Jack’s lack of bathroom etiquette?


Sure, I could have cleaned these before we got here, but then we’d have missed brunch!

When we last saw Hank he was entering the interrogation room hoping to get answers from Jeese Pinkman. Well, he was about as successful as he was at getting Skylar to talk. In other words, not very. He does manage to get through to Jeese, somewhat, when he mentions that Walt has been lying and manipulating him all these years. Him being Hank, but obviously Jeese’s been getting jerked around the entire time as well. Despite his words resonating with Jeese, he wants no part of talking to Hank due to their not so friendly past. Before long, Saul barges in and puts an end to the interrogation. He ushers Hank and the Albuquerque detectives out of the room before berating Jeese for his recklessness and in typical Jeese fashion, Jeese is unconcerned.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.22.05 PM

So you gonna cooperate? Or do I need to let my fists do the talking again?

We see Walt sit down in front of a camcorder, seemingly to record his confession. He tells Skylar that, “it’s the only way” before she presses record. When next we see them, they’re meeting with Hank and Marie at what is quite possibly the most obnoxious restaurant ever. As Walt is trying to convince Hank and Marie to leave their children out of their fight, they’re constantly harassed by their clueless waiter, who’s clearly consumed more than a lethal dose of caffeine. Walter tries to reason with Hank to preserve their family, but Hank isn’t hearing it. Marie suggests that Walter commit suicide. She reasons that it’ll  all go away once he’s dead, so why not just speed up the clock. Hank’s shrugs off Marie’s suggestion, not wanting Walt to get off that easily. Realizing that there’s no convincing Hank and Marie, Walt and Skylar get up and leave the table but not before Walter leaves Hank with a recording of his confession.

I got just the thing to lighten the mood, some of our world famous guacamole!

I got just the thing to lighten the mood, some of our world famous guacamole!

Hank and Marie watch the confession video we saw Walt recording earlier, only now we get to hear the entirety of what Walt said. Hank and Marie essentially got Rick Roll’d as Walt cleverly spins the truth. He paints Hank as the mastermind, claiming that he forced him to cook meth. Walt confesses to building the bomb that killed Gus Fring but he claims that he did so under duress, afraid of what Hank would do to his family if he refused. He points to the scar on his face, that he received in Blood Money, as evidence of Hank’s violent nature. The final nail in the coffin for Hank was when Walt brought up the money that Marie used to pay for Hank’s physical therapy. Money that she neglected to tell Hank about. Opps. Hank is left dejected, with his leverage for bringing Walt down completely tarnished. 


You have anymore life changing secrets for me, Marie?

Walt, Jeese, and Saul all meet out in the desert, not too dissimilar from the first time they all took a trip out to the desert; tensions are high and no one is really knows what to expect for one another. Walt attempts to have a heart-to-heart with Jeese, telling him that the best thing for him to do is to leave town, get a new identity, and start over. Jeese calls Walt on his bullshit and asks him to stop manipulating him, for once. He claims that Walt doesn’t really care about him and accuses Walt of killing Mike again. Jeese goes on to accuse Walt of bringing him out into the desert to kill him if he refuses to leave town. Walt doesn’t say a word, he simply embraces Jeese and continues to hug Jeese as he starts to cry.


There, there…there, there…

Saul explains to Jeese how getting his new identify is going to work before they part ways. After finalizing the arrangements, Saul tells Jeese that his ride will be there to pick him up in exactly an hour. Jeese being Jeese decides to light up a joint in Saul’s office which perturbs Saul to say the least. Saul manages to get Jeese to put out the joint but he’s unable to convince Jeese to relinquish his bag of weed. Saul gives Jeese a Hello Kitty phone before sending him off with Huell to the pick up spot. While Jeese’s waiting for his ride, he frantically starts searching for his weed only to come to the realization that Huell took it from him. Jeese then has an epiphany; he realizes that it was Huell who stole the ricin cigarette that was used to poison Brook.


I have plenty of other phones, but you get this one for being a jackass and smoking in my office, again.

Jeese skips the pick-up and races back to Saul’s office. He greets Saul with a right hand to the mouth and a couple of kicks to the ribs. Saul cries out for his milk dud of a body guard, Huell, while scrambling for his gun. Jeese gets to it first and draws down on Saul. Huell finally makes his way into the room but Jeese keeps him at bay. Saul tries to reason with Jeese and make sense of why he’s flipping out. Jeese accuses Saul of stealing from him. Saul thinks that he’s talking about the weed, which he admits Huell took. Saul explains that he was worried that Jeese wouldn’t get picked up if he had drugs on him. Jeese clarifies things and tells Saul that he’s talking about the ricin cigarette. Saul admits that he had Huell lift his cigarette but it was on behalf of Walt who told him that he was “saving” Jeese. Jeese believes Saul when he tells him that he had no idea what Walt was up to. Jeese steals Saul’s car keys and storms out. Saul makes a call to Walter to let him know that they’re got a big problem.

If this is about the Hello Kitty phone, I think you're overreacting a bit.

If this is about the Hello Kitty phone, I think you’re overreacting just a bit.

Walt awkwardly arrives at the car wash and makes a lame excuse for needing to inspect the vending machine. He opens it up and recovers his gun, which is frozen like a Popsicle. Walt leaves the car wash just as awkwardly as he arrived, telling Skylar that he just remembered that he has to pick up a prescription at the drug store.


Hopefully Jeese won’t find me before it thaws out…

Confessions ends with Jeese kicking down Walter’s front door and pouring a can of gasoline all over his house. Let’s hope that Walter Jr. is out with some friends.


Clearly Jeese did not have an A1 day

– Prometheus

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