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Confessions ended on a wild cliffhanger, with Jeese pouring gasoline all over Walt’s house after learning that it was Walt, not Gus who poisoned Brock. Well this episode, Rabid Dog, deals with the aftermath. We find out how Walt really feels about Jeese, Hank gets his first taste of what it’s like to work with Jeese and Saul treats us to another colorful metaphor. Rapid Dog begins with Walt pulling up to his house frantically searching for Jeese. Walt checks every room, defrosted gun in hand. Walt clears the house but Jeese is no where to be found.


I sure hope this thing still works…

Walt instructs Huell to swing by the high school in case Jeese tries going after Walt Jr. Kuby meanwhile is staking out the car wash, looking after Skylar. Walt then makes a call to Jeese, pleading with him, wanting to fix the rift that’s developed between them. Walt has several workers at this house, cleaning up the gasoline and fixing the locks on the door. He makes it clear that he wants to use the same locks, stressing that the same keys need to work. Walt wants to make it look as though nothing ever happened. Unfortunately for Walt one of the carpet cleaners informs him the gas has soaked straight through his subfloor so he’s pretty much screwed on that account. 

Needing to cover his tracks, Walt shows off his tidy whities again. He strips, tossing his clothes into a pile, and then pours gasoline all over them. Walt pours a little gas into his car before stashing the gas canister in his neighbor’s trash can.

When all else fails, strip!

When all else fails, strip!

Later that evening when Walter Jr. and Skylar get home, Walt tells them that there was a “pump malfunction” which left him soaked in gasoline. He then foolishly left his clothes on the carpet, leaving them to soak on the floor for several hours. Even Walter Jr. doesn’t buy Walt’s lie but he assumes what really happened was that Walt fainted due to the resurgence of his cancer. Walt reassures him that’s not the case. He changes the subject to getting the family out of the house and proposes that they stay in a hotel until the gasoline can be dealt with.

While his family is enjoying the hotel accommodations, Walt sneaks away to meet with Saul and Kuby. Saul is perturbed by his broken nose, pining over whether it’ll leave a scar or not and kicking himself for letting his dojo membership run out. The idea of Saul in a gi just tickles me. Walt reiterates that they need to find Jeese but Saul wants to know what the end game is. He floats the idea of putting Jeese down, not unlike a rabid Old Yeller. Walt angrily shoots down Saul’s suggestion, annoyed with Saul’s colorful metaphors.

Is this the best help that millions of dollars can buy?

Is this the best help that millions of dollars can buy?

Skylar asks Walt how Saul is doing when he comes back inside in the hotel. Walt plays dumb but she sees right through him. Walt attempts to convince Skylar that there’s nothing to worry about but somehow the idea that someone broke into their house with the intent of burning it to the ground is not something that she finds reassuring. Walt tries to convince her that because Jeese changed his mind about burning down their house he’s not a threat to them. Skylar coldly advises Walt to kill Jeese, arguing that they’ve come so far that one more couldn’t hurt. Walt questions how much she’s had to drink and is damn frustrated with her. You know things are bad when Skylar and Saul are doling out the same advice.

I know you're not saying what I think you're saying...

I know you’re not saying what I think you’re saying…

Finally we see what exactly happened to Jesse. We revisit his gasoline filled rage up to the point where Jeese grabs a magazine, rolls it up, stuffs it into the gas can, grabs his lighter, prepares to send Walt’s house up in flames. Before he can, Hank unexpectedly busts into the room, gun draw. Jeese, frantic and shaking, yells out to Hank that Walt poisoned a child and that Walt can’t keep getting away with it. Hank is able to talk Jeese down, offering him a better opportunity to “burn” Walt down. Hank leaves Walt’s house with Jeese just as Walt is pulling up to his driveway.


I see Walt in the rear view, we better get going…

Just as it’s been eating at Hank that Walt has been Heisenberg the entire time, it’s been eating away at Marie just as much. She’s now seeing a psychiatrist and she’s been obsessively researching poisons. She doesn’t give the doctor the gritty details instead she tells her psychiatrist that she been dreaming about killing Walt. She assures him that she’s not planning to hurt anybody only that it feels good to think about it.


When we last spoke you were complaining about the parking situation at work, how would you say your Walter problem compares?

Hank explains that he’s been following Jeese since he left Saul’s office. Hank tells Jeese that he going to take him into DEA custody, but Jeese reminds Hank what happened to his last ten witnesses. When Marie gets home, Hanks tries to convince her to leave. Hank’s decided to keep Jeese at his house instead and he feels that her not being there would make things go much smoother. Marie asks if Jeese being there will help him get Walt, Hank tells her that it will so she’s okay with Jeese being there and sees no reason for her to leave.

Trust me, you won't even notice he's here

Trust me, you won’t even notice he’s here

Hank listens to the voice mail that Walt left for Jeese, wanting to meet up with him and talk things out. Hank has also brought in his partner Steven Gomez and they’re able to convince Jeese to tell them, on camera, everything that happened with him and Walt. Hank then tells Jeese that he wants him to wear a wire so that they can get some hard evidence on Walt. Jeese is reluctant, fearing that if he meets with Walt, Walt will kill him. Jeese likens Walt to the devil and argues that Walt always has some kind of plan and will find a way to get him no matter what they do. Hank explains that he’s not asking, he’s telling and that he doesn’t have any other options. It’s ironic that Hank tries to convince Jeese that Walt cares about him, and even cites evidence to support that. All the while, Hank shows just how little he cares about Jesse’s life.  When Gomez questions Hank about if he’s concerned with Walt killing Jeese, Hank is not only unconcerned for Jeese’s life but he tells Gomez that would actually work in their favor because then they’d have hard evidence against Walt.


He was my teacher…if only I had been a better student I wouldn’t be in this mess…

Walt is waiting for Jeese on a park bench; he’s alone just as he said he’d be. As Jeese is approaching Walt, he spies a suspicious man and assumes that Walt sent that man there to kill him. He takes a detour instead of meeting up with Walt and instead walks over to a pay phone and calls Walt on his cell phone. Jesse tells Walt, “This is just a heads-up, let you know I’m coming for you”.  Walt is shocked and beside himself. Turns out the suspicious looking man was only there to pick up his daughter and Jeese’s paranoia got the best of him. Hank was right, Walt was genuinely trying to make amends with Jeese. When Jeese meets back up with Hank, Hank is furious and frustrated with Jeese. Jeese explains to Hank and Gomez that he has another plan, a better plan, to hit Walt where he really lives.


This is going to make one memorable home movie!

Rapid Dog ends with Walt left without any other options. He makes a phone call to Todd explaining that he has  someone else he needs him to take care of.

– Prometheus

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