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This is it, the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Or if you’re a Walter White sympathizer, the episode you’ve been dreading. Walt is finally beaten at his own game; he’s outsmarted, manipulated and placed in handcuffs thanks to the two biggest liabilities he’s refused to kill. Hank and Jeese that is. There are still 3 episodes left, but it’s clear that no matter how it ends, Walt won’t get away unscathed.

To’hajiilee begins with Lydia checking in on Todd and his uncle’s meth operation. Even with Todd doing his best to bring their product up to standards, she’s still not pleased with it as he’s only able to make meth that’s 76% pure. Worst still, his product isn’t blue. It’s aqua-marine at best, when the light hits it right. Still, Todd is making strides, at least he didn’t catch the lab on fire this time around. Todd awkwardly goes to Lydia, pledging to do better; he promises to increase the purity and and bring back that lovely blue color that her Europeans clients go wild for. The scene ends with Todd receiving the call that Walt made at the end of the last episode.


Todd will never wash that cup again…

After ruining Hank and Gomez’s sting operation last episode, Jeese decides to let them in on his plan to catch Walt. The plan is to hit Walt where it really counts, his barrels upon barrels of money. So Hank and Gomez go fishing and target the weakest link, Huell. Hank has Huell taken to a safe house and tells him that Saul sold him out and that Walt is tying up loose ends. He shows him a picture of what looks like Jeese with his brains blown out, only its actually a staged photo with cow brains serving as substitute brain matter. Huell freaks out and tells Hank everything that he knows about Walt’s money. He tells them that he and Kuby shoveled all of his money into seven barrels, loaded them up into a van that Walt drove off with and when Walt came back the van was dirty. Hank tells Huell that he’s free to go but if he values his life he’ll sit tight since Walt is surely out to get him.

This is your brain on drugs...any questions?

This is your brain on drugs… any questions?

Walt sits down with Todd’s uncle to hash out the details of their hit on Jeese. Walt shows some genuine concern for Jeese as he plots the end of his life, he wants to make sure that Jeese’s death is painless. Walt even comes to Jeese’s aide, defending him against allegations that he’s a “rat”. Instead, championing the idea that Jeese is simply “angry”. Todd’s uncle throws a bit of a wrench into Walt’s plans, this time around he doesn’t want money as payment. He wants Walt to cook for him again, to help get Todd up to speed. Walt agrees to one cook, after they take care of his Jeese problem.


Would you say more Hulk angry or Rambo angry?

Walt then tries his hand at luring Jeese out so that Todd’s uncle can make good on their deal. To do so, he goes to Andrea’s house and tells her that he’s concerned about Jeese. He confesses that Jeese is angry with him and that’s likely why he’s not returning his calls. Andrea gives Jeese a call and leaves him a voice mail. Walt makes an excuse for needing to leave abruptly but he thanks her for her help. The entire time Brock acts eerily around Walt as if he knows that Walt is the man who poisoned him.

Back away from Fruit Loops and I'll stay quiet about the poison

Back away from my Fruit Loops and I’ll stay quiet about the poison, deal?

Unfortunately for Walt, his message for Jeese is intercepted by Hank. Hank’s plan his a temporary snag as well. He was hoping that the van Walt used to transport his money had a GPS on it, but it didn’t. However Hank reasons that Walt doesn’t know that the van didn’t have GPS on it and that he’ll be far too concerned about his money to second guess it. So they take another fake picture, this time of Walt’s money in a barrel. And their trap is all but set…

Saul drops by Walt and Skylar’s car wash looking for Walt. Walter Jr. recognizes Saul from the commercials and he’s pretty damn star struck. Saul gives Walt Jr. a useful piece of advice, don’t drink and drive, but if he does, “Better Call Saul!” When Saul meets up with Walt he tells him that Huell has gone missing. Saul’s also wearing a bullet proof vest under his suit now that he’s short one body guard. Saul cautions Walt that Jeese is out on a killing spree. Too bad for Walt, what Jeese has in store for Walt is far worse. Walt receives a picture text message from Jeese. It’s a barrel full of money. 


Got my photo? Bitch!

Walt plays right into their hands and immediately panics. Jeese calls Walt and tells him that he pistol whipped Huell’s melon head until Huell told him everything he needed to know to find Walt’s money. Him tells Walt that he better get there fast because he’s going to burn ten grand minute. As Walt races to To’hajiilee, where he buried his money, he tries to talk Jeese down. Walt pleads with Jeese, telling him that he’s dying and he’s not going to live long enough to spend any of that money anyway. He explains that all Jeese is doing is hurting his family by burning that money. When that doesn’t work, Walt tries to convince Jeese that he poisoned Brock because he needed Jeese on his side in order to kill Gus. He reminds Jeese of all of the people he killed to saved him, time and time again.

I have a very particular skill set, if you touch my money, I will find you, and kill you...

I have a very particular skill set, if you touch my money, I will find you, and kill you…

As Walt gets closer to where he buried the money, Jeese goes silent on the phone. It’s only a matter of time before Walt realizes that he’s been tricked. Walt takes the battery out of his phone but it’s too late. Walt draws his weapon and hides as he sees a car approaching in the distance. He thinks that it’s Jeese, along with two others who are there to kill him. He frantically gives Todd’s uncle a call. He gives him the coordinates of his location and informs them that Jeese is there to kill him. As the vehicles gets closer Walt realizes that it’s Hank and Gomez who are with Jeese and tells Todd’s uncle that the deal is off and not to come. Hank finally has his moment in the sun as Walt reluctantly surrenders and is put in cuffs.


Hank is gives himself a pat of the back while taunting Walt but Walt is completely focused on Jeese. He calls Jeese a coward, who spits in his face in return. They tussle momentarily before Hank and Gomez break them up. Hank places Walt in his vehicle and Gomez puts Jeese in Walt’s car. Hank calls home to tell Marie that it’s all over, he caught Walter White. From the window of Hank’s car Walt sees two vehicles approaching. It’s Todd’s uncle and about half dozen of his guys, armed to the teeth. Walt yells out at Hank but his screams are muffled by the car window. Both parties draw down, with Hank and Gomez hopelessly outgunned. All the while Hank is screaming at Todd’s uncle that the deal is off but it’s far too late for that. Hank and Gomez identify themselves as DEA, prompting Todd’s uncle to ask to see some badges. He claims that if they produce some badge they’ll all happily surrender. Both sides are at a standstill until Kenny decides that his A12 is too sweet of a gun not to shoot. They open fire, sending Hank and Gomez ducking for cover. Hank’s truck is riddled with bullets sending Walt ducking for covering as well.


Way to protect your investment guys.

To’hajiilee ends in the middle of a ridiculous gun fight. So ridiculous that somehow, everybody managed to avoid getting shot.

– Prometheus

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