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Ozymandias begins with a flashback to Walt and Jeese’s first cook. They’re at the exact spot where Walt buried his fortune and was eventually apprehended by Hank. After Walt and Jeese finish their cook, Walt calls Skylar to explain to her that he’ll be working late and won’t be home in time for dinner. She’s okay with his tardiness and asks him to bring home a pizza. The scenes end as they fade away, brining us back to the present day.

When To’hajiilee ended, it looked as though uncle Jack’s crew managed to hit nothing but air. Well, that turned out not to be the case at all. We clearly see Gomez’s lifeless body lying in the sand, twisted and riddled with bullets. Hank managed to escape that fate and seek cover behind his truck. However, he’s wounded with a gun shot to the leg and to make matters worse, he’s completely out of ammo. He spies Gomez’s shotgun and desperately crawls towards it but right as he reaches the weapon, uncle Jack is on him.


Probably should have just hid under the truck…

Walter tries to reason with uncle Jack to keep him from killing Hank. He tells him that what’s going on is simply between him and Hank, but uncle Jack remarks, that can’t be the case since Hank is DEA and his partner is lying dead just a few feet from them. Walt tries offers up the $80 million dollars he has buried in the area. He tells uncle Jack that Hank will just go about his business and he can take the money and live merrily. Uncle Jack allows Hank to explain it to Walt. Hank tells Walt that he’s the smartest man he knows but he’s too dumb to realize that uncle Jack made his mind up about killing him 10 minutes ago. Hank has his final words before uncle Jack cuts him off with a single shot. Walt collapses, consumed with grief.


B-but, I gave up my entire piggy bank!

Uncle Jack hands Kenny a shovel and they start digging just where the coordinates point to. They’re elated to see that they’ve uncovered a fortune. Uncle Jack has his men load up 6 of the barrels but leaves one barrel, containing 11 million dollars, for Walt. Uncle Jack then asks Walt if things are square between them. Walt takes a while to respond and never adverts his gaze to look at uncle Jack. Eventually he reluctantly shakes uncle Jack’s hand. As uncle Jack prepares to leave, Walt stops him and reminds him that they still owe him Jeese. Uncle Jack tells Walt that if he can find Jeese, that’ll take care of him. Turns out that Walt was staring at Jeese the entire time: Jeese was hiding under Walt’s car during the shoot out. Uncle Jack’s men drag Jeese out and uncle Jack puts a gun to the back of Jeese’s head. Before he can pull the trigger, Todd steps in and tells uncle Jack that Jeese looked like he was with the feds so they should find out what all he knows. Uncle Jack agrees and says that they’ll kill him afterwards and Walt is just fine with that. As they’re dragging Jeese away, Walt stops them momentarily. Presumably, he changed his mind and wants them to spare Jeese. Jeese has no such luck. Rather Walt wanted to make Jeese’s final moment that much more painful by telling him that he saw Jane die. Walt confesses that he could have saved her but instead he stood there and watched her die.


Who’s the bitch now? Bitch!

Walt tries to drive home but there’s a bullet hole in his gas tank from the shoot out so he’s forced to roll his barrel of money through the desert. He eventually arrives at a man’s house and asks to buy his truck. He’s told that the truck is not for sale, but after Walt offers him a huge stack of cash, he’s willing to part with his truck.


I think you meant to say is for sale…at the right price

We see Jeese  who’s been worked over by Todd, lying in a pit. He’s wearing leg irons, hand cuffs and a belly chain. He pleads for Todd to leave him alone but Todd  calmly drags him to his feet. It looks like it’s the end for Jeese but instead Todd takes him to their lab. He latches Jesse to a dog run attached to the ceiling, making his escape impossible. Todd then undoes Jeese’s handcuffs. In case Jeese is feeling less than motivated to cook again, there’s a picture of Brock and his mother in clear view to help make Jeese feel like cooperating. Todd causally approaches Jeese, who is completely horrified, and tells him that it’s time to cook.


In the old days we called it creative management

Marie struts into the car wash to tell Skylar the good news, it’s all over, Hank has arrested Walt. Marie confronts Skylar, telling her that she knows that Skylar didn’t want to go along with what Walt was doing. She tells her that Hank will do everything that he can do to help her, but if they’re going to help Skylar first has to hand over every copy of Walt’s confession video. Not only that, but she has to tell Walter Jr. the truth about everything. And she has to do it right then and there. Skylar and Marie sit Walter Jr. down and essentially blow his mind. Walter Jr. is hardly able to process everything and he’s in disbelief.

Breakfast will never be the same again

Breakfast will never be the same again

When Skylar and Walter Jr. arrive at their house, they see that Walt is there, frantically packing bags. He barks at them to start packing anything and everything that’s important to them and be ready to leave. Skylar asks where Hank is because the last she heard Hank had him in custody, yet here he is. Walt lets it slipped that he tried to save him but Skylar assumes that Walt killed Hank in order to escape. Walter Jr. overhears this and thinks that Walt killed Hank as well. Walter Jr. keeps trying to get a straight answer from Walt but Walt is far too frantic and panicked to try to entertain a conversation. Confessed and scared, Skylar grabs a kitchen knife and puts herself between Walt and Walter Jr. Walt tries to snatch the knife from her and Skylar cuts him for his. They then struggle for the knife, freaking out Walter Jr. in the process. Eventually, Walt is able to wrestle the knife away from Skylar, prompting Walter Jr. to pull out his cell phone and call the police. Walter Jr. claims that Walt pulled a knife on Skylar and that he believes that he might have killed someone as well. Walt is dismayed as he witnessing the disintegration of his family. Walt rushes out of the house but not before grabbing baby Holly on his way out. Skylar is parked behind Walt but pushes her car out of the way with his newly acquired truck and takes off. Skylar races down the street after him to no avail.

My own blood, how dare you make me bleed it?!

My own blood, how dare you make me bleed it?!

Walt is at a changing station, tending to Holly’s diaper. His injured hand is bandaged with duct tape. Walt lifts Holly into his arms and she begins to ask for her mother, over and over again. Walt is crushed, realizing his mistake in absconding with Holly. 

Duct tape band-aid. An inspiration to single fathers everywhere

Duct tape band-aid. An inspiration to single fathers everywhere

Walt calls his house, which is crawling with police officers. They start a trace on the call as Walt plays the role of an abusive husband. He not only takes the blame for Hank being killed and the entirety of his meth dealings, but he also clears Skylar’s name in the process. She asks him to just come home but he tells her that he’s not coming home yet because he’s still got things left to do. Later on we see some fire fighters hanging out at the station when they hear one of their fire engines making a racket and go to check it out. Inside of the fire engine that’s making noise, they find baby Holly along with a note.


If found, please kindly return this baby.

Ozymandias ends with Walt getting picked up by Saul’s guy to get a new identity. Walt loads up all he has left, his two suit cases along with his barrel of money, and he’s solemnly driven away.


– Prometheus

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