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It goes without saying that Walter White is a conundrum. While he has done more to destroy the life of Jeese Pinkman than other anybody else, he’s also risked his life time and time again in order to save him. This episode completely exemplifies that. Felina is not only the Series Finale that we wanted but it’s the one that we deserved.

Felina begins with Walt’s trek back to Albuquerque, New Mexico from the Live Free or Die state, New Hampshire. He steals a car and begins what I’m sure was an uncomfortably long drive. Along the way he makes a pit stop to make a call, posing as a David Lynn from the New York Times, so he can learn the current address of his former colleagues, Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz.


Nothing like a nice reunion between friends

Walt then pays Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz a visit. He’s very nonchalant as he explains that he wants them to give his remaining 9 million dollars to be given to his son on his 18th birthday. They agree to do so but Walt’s absolutely not going to take their word it. For some added insurance he tells them that he’s hired the best hitmen this side of the Mississippi as red dots appear on their chests. He explains to them that the hitmen will be keeping tabs on them to make sure that the money gets to his children. We later learn that those two “hitmen” were in fact Badger and Skinny Pete wielding laser pointers. Well played, Walt. Well played. Walt inquires about the blue meth that’s still floating around and they tell him that they thought he was behind that. Walt realizes that Jesse has to still be alive.


Best hitmen this side of the Mississippi

We finally find out who the ricin was intended for when Walt interrupts Todd’s date, I mean, meeting with Lydia. Walt tells them that he’s out of money but for a million dollars he can show them a new method for cooking meth without using methylamine. After Lydia ushers Walt away she tells Todd that he needs to get rid of him. 

The ultimate cock block

The ultimate cock block

We get a glimpse of Walt’s plan to go after uncle Jack’s crew as he rigs up a McGuyver style contraption. He syncs the machine to his car door remote so he can do his dirty work from a distance.


Now where’d I leave my screw driver?

Marie calls Skylar to warn her that Walt has been spotted in town; looking like the uni-bomber. She explains that their neighbor Carol saw him at their old house and that there have been sightings of him all over town. Once Marie hangs up the phone we see that Walt is already there with Skylar. Walt asks for just a few moments of her time. He confesses to Skylar that everything he did he did for himself because it made him feel alive and because he was good at it. He gives Skylar the lotto ticket with the coordinates of where Hank and Gomez are buried and explains to her that she can use it as leverage to get the DEA to cut her a deal. Skylar explains to Walt that some men showed up and threatened her because she saw Lydia’s face and she’s afraid that they’ll come back. Walt assures her that they’ll be nothing to worry about after tonight. Before he leaves he asks to see his daughter Holly one more time and Skylar obliges. After exiting Skylar’s house Walt waits around to see his son for the last time.


You’re getting my money whether you want it or not

Walt then goes to make good on his assurance and pays a visit to uncle Jack. Walt is patted down and has his wallet and keys taken from him. Once inside their club house uncle Jack explains that he’s not interested in having Walt cook for him and they’ll make due without any methylamine. Todd expresses some remorse, telling Walt that he wished that he didn’t show up. Uncle Jack then pulls out his gun and gets ready to kill Walt when Walt brings up Jeese. He insults uncle Jack for working with a rat. Uncle Jack’s pride is hurt so he wants to take a moment to prove to Walt that there’s no working relationship between him and Jeese, before he kills them. As they’re waiting for Jeese, Walt as able to get a hold of his keys and wait for the right moment. Once Jeese is brought in Walt charges at him, tackling him to the ground. Todd jumps down to separate them and that’s when Walt unleashes his M60 from the trunk. He manages to kill everyone in the room save for Todd and uncle Jack, who’s only wounded. Todd doesn’t live much longer as Jeese strangles him with his chains. Walt then calmly walks over to uncle Jack, gun in hand. Uncle Jack tells Walt to wait a moment while he takes a couple drags off of his cigarette, he then tries to bargain for his life. Uncle Jack tells Walt that if he kills him then he’ll never see the rest of his money. Walt could care less and is much more interested in seeing what the inside of uncle Jack’s skull looks like. Walt shoots uncle Jack, cutting him off mid-sentence not unlike how uncle Jack did with Hank.


You know those things will kill ya

Walt then slides the gun over to Jeese and tells him to shoot him. Jeese tells Walt to say that he wants it or he won’t kill him. Walt says, “I want this” and Jeese tells Walt that if he wants it he can do it himself and leaves. Jeese takes one of the cars and speeds off, crashing through the gate, finally free of his prison. Todd then gets a call from Lydia and Walt picks it up. Walt explains that everyone is dead and that he poisoned her with ricin by putting it the Stevia that she’s always putting into her tea. Walt then walks into the lab, checks the settings on one of the instruments before collapses from the gun shot wound he received saving Jeese, yet again.


Come see my new movie Need for Speed, bitch!

Felina and Breaking Bad as a whole come to an end as police rush into the lab while Walt lies on the floor, presumably dead.


– Prometheus

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