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After months of waiting and anticipation the second half of Breaking Bad Season 5 is finally here. Episode 9, appropriately titled Blood Money continues from the bombshell cliffhanger at the end of the mid-season finale. Blood Money jumps right into it and we see the confrontation between Walt and Hank that’s been building for years!

Blood Money begins with a flash forward, not too dissimilar from the one at the beginning of Season 5. Walt is looking pretty grisly, sporting a beard and messy hair and driving an old beat up car with a shotgun in the trunk. Walt pulls up to his old house, now abandoned, in shambles and seized by the government. To add to the surreal nature, there are kids using his empty pool in the backyard as a skate park. Inside the house “Hiesenberg” is spray painted on the wall so it’s clear that Walt’s double life has become public knowledge at this point. We find out why Walt risked going back to his house, he returned to retrieve the capsule of ricin hidden in the wall socket cover. As Walt’s preparing to leave he’s recognized by his neighbor, Carol, who’s frozen in fear. She drops her groceries as Walt greets her just as warmly as he would if he hadn’t been exposed.

Bryan Cranston prepares his costume for next year's Comic Con

Bryan Cranston prepares his costume for next year’s Comic Con

The Midseason Finale ended with Hank finally connecting the dots that Walter White was Heisenberg all along. Hank steals Walt’s book Leaves of Grass and makes an excuse as to why he needs to leave so abruptly. Once Hank gets into the car with Marie, he’s so furious and disturbed that he suffers a panic attack and crashes. After Hank’s released from the hospital, he compares the handwriting in Leaves of Grass with the handwriting in Gale’s notebook and confirms his suspicion. Hank opts to stay away from the office for the next few days while compiling all of the files they have on Heisenberg. He re-watches the security video of Walt and Jeese stealing the methylamine and looks over the sketch of Heisenberg which further help drive the point home.


Probably should have dropped that duece years ago

We peak in on Jeese, who’s in an all too familiar state; downtrodden and guilt ridden over the evils that they’ve done. He’s hanging out with Badger and Skinny Pete who are just as oblivious to how tormented Jesse is as he is their conversation. This scene is easily the funniest of the episode and one my favorites. Badger is telling Skinny Pete all about his pitch for a Star Trek movie; let’s just say it involves a pie eating contest and a tractor beam accident. You never really see these two geek out like this so it’s a real treat. Jesse takes off just as Badger is “getting to the good part” of his story. Someone even made an animated version of the would-be script.

Tullaberries? That's Voyager dude!

Tullaberries? That’s Voyager dude!

Jeese goes to see Saul in the hopes that Saul will help him  give away 4 million dollars; 2 million to Mike’s family and 2 million to the family of the kid who Todd killed. Saul advises him against it, cautioning that the money Mike sent to the his granddaughter has already been seized by the feds twice. Ultimately Saul tells Jesse that he’ll take care of it. Only Saul calls Walt instead, who tries his hand at easing Jesse’s guilt.



Walt tries to convince Jesse that he needs to put all of the “darkness” behind them. But Jesse can’t get around the fact that he has 4 million dollars in blood money. Walt questions Jeese about why he’s so concerned with Mike’s family, which leads to Jeese accuse Walt of killing Mike. Walt, of course, denies killing Mike and assures Jesse that Mike is alive and well so he’s perfectly capable of taking care of his own family. He tells Jeese twice, that he needs Jeese to believe him. I found it funny how Walt said “none of that is true” right after explaining that Mike is alive and well as if it was a Freudian slip. At the end of the episode Jeese gives a stack of money to homeless man asking for change and then drives around a poor neighborhood tossing stacks of money out of the window. Clearly, Walt’s pep talk didn’t do the trick.


Come on, cheer up, the last time I saw Mike he looked rather peaceful…

We see a familiar face show up at Skylar and Walt’s car wash. It’s Walt’s former business associate, the mousey, Lydia. She tries to convince Walt to start cooking again, explaining that there’s been a significant drop in quality since he’s stepped away. Her attempts are fruitless as Walt is unconcerned with her plight, even with her life being at risk. Skylar confronts Lydia after Walt explains that she’s trying to get Walt back into the business. She orders her to leave and never come back. Lydia promptly leaves but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her soon enough.

May I interest you in the, "kindly fuck off"?

May I interest you in the, “kindly fuck off”?

Towards the end of the episode Walt notices that his book, Leaves of Grass, is missing. He’s unable to find it and rules out who could have possibly taken it. Walt goes to bed, only to wake up in the middle of the night to search his car. He finds a GPS tracker and it turns out to be the exact same kind that he and Hank had put on Gus’ car way back when. Walt wastes no time and goes to confront Hank the very next day. At first Walt pretends as though he’s just visiting to check on Hank’s condition. Hank is noticeably uneasy and nervous as Walt banters about. It looks as though Walt is going to carry on the game of cat and mouse as he turns to leave, only he stops after a few steps and then asks Hank about the tracker.


I couldn’t help but notice that my cover’s blown…

Hank just stares at Walt, calmly shuts the garage door and then punches Walt in the mouth, dropping him to the floor. Hank rattles off the laundry list of awful things that Walt has done. Walt makes an attempt to convince Hank that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Hank isn’t buying it so Walt tries to appeal to his sympathy and reveals that his cancer is back and that he only has 6 months to live. Hank is unmoved, he tells Walt that he needs to bring his children over to their house and then they’ll talk. Walt of course refuses. Hank admits that he doesn’t even know who Walt is anymore. Walt leaves Hank with a chilling rebuttal, he better tread lightly.


To be fair Hank, had you caught Jeese in episode one we wouldn’t be in this mess now

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