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In last week’s episode of Breaking Bad we finally got to see what we had all been waiting years for, the epic showdown between Walter White and Hank Schrader! Walt walked away from that exchange looking to be in control, channeling Heisenberg, cautioning Hank to tread lightly. This week we see Hank call Walt’s bluff and go straight for the jugular. Not only that, but we learn just how much fear Heisenberg commands when Huell suggests to Kuby that they abscond with Walt’s money before Kuby kindly reminds him of Heisenberg’s prison massacre. 

Buried, the second episode from the second half of season 5, tackles a dilemma that I’m sure we’ve all had, deciding just what would you do with ungodly amounts of money. As we saw in Blood Money, Jesse decided to donate his share by tossing stacks of money out of the window of his car. He’s later found at a playground by one of his lucky lotto winners, spinning around on some playground equipment, just a feet away from his car, waiting to be caught.


I have no idea what those things are called…

Walt on the other hand, is not buried by guilt. He wants to preserve every dollar that he’s worked for so that he can leave his money to his children. So he goes to Saul who sends Huell and Kuby to collect Walt’s money. Huell enjoys an epic Scrooge McDuck moment with Walt’s money, much to the dismay of Kuby who’s attempting to be professional. When that fails he decides to join in on the fun. Can’t say that I blame him. With his money in hand, Walt drives out into the desert and buries seven barrels of packed to the brim with cash. He marks the coordinates, memorizes them and prints them off as a lotto ticket. I can’t help but think that may be one bread crumb too many. He knows that Hank is onto him, and he knows that Hank knows that he’s loaded. I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time until Hank asks the question, why would a man with tons of money need a lotto ticket?


*cue Ted DiBiase’s intro song*

I found that Buried had some really excellent moments, contrary to how many people seemed to feel about the episode. I was hooked from the very beginning when Walt’s tough facade is immediately erased after leaving Hank’s garage. The moment Walt’s in his car, not even out of Hank’s cul-de-sac yet, he’s trying frantically to get in contact with Skylar only to find out that she’s already on the phone with Hank.


Ooooooooooooooooooooooh shit…

This leads into Skylar’s meeting with Hank, which is easily one of my favorite Skylar moments. Second only to last week’s episode when she told Lydia to kick rocks. As you can imagine, Hank is hell-bent on catching Walter, so he slides a recorder in front of Skylar and tries pressuring her into telling him everything that she knows about what Walt’s been up to. Hank obviously has no idea just how complicit Skylar has been in Walt’s meth empire, so when Skylar suggests that she should probably have a lawyer, he’s more than a little bit frustrated. Ultimately, his gamble back fires and Skylar gets suspicious about him trying to talk her out of lawyering up. She makes a bit of a scene and runs out of the diner. 


Ulterior motive? I have no idea what you’re talking about

After Hank fails to get Skylar on his side, Marie tries her hand. She asks Skylar a very simple yet direct question, “how long did she know?” When it becomes apparent that Skylar’s known about Walt’s extracurricular activities for quite sometime but she’s not willing to say anything concrete, Marie smacks Skylar across the face and then tries to make off with baby Holly. Hank shows up as the voice of reason and convinces Marie to give Skylar her baby back. Hank and Marie leave baby-less but Marie adopts Hank’s conviction that he needs to catch Walter.


I’m sure all of you Skylar haters wet yourselves over this

Lydia drops in on the supply side of her meth operation. Since she can’t get Walt back to cook for her, she tries the next best thing and attempts to convince Declan to let Todd cook again. Apparently, he’s less terrible of a cook then Declan’s. Turns out Todd isn’t the most reliable cook and he got the boot because he set their lab on fire during his third cook. Declan probably would have been better off keeping a few extra fire extinguishers handy because Lydia wasn’t taking no for an answer. Todd and his Aryan Brotherhood associates show up and massacre Declan and his crew to take over their operation. Lydia makes an important statement, that despite her meek demeanor she’s ruthless. You know, so long as she doesn’t have to look at the dead bodies afterwards.


Damnit Todd, that better not be dead guy on my shoes!

After what I’m sure was a rough day for both Skylar and Walt, they have a little heart-to-heart the next morning. Walter wakes up after being out for 4 or 5 hours. Walt asks Skylar if she’s happy that his cancer is back, she responds by saying that she can’t remember the last time she was happy. Walt tells her that’ll turn himself in if she promises to do one thing for him: keep the money and pass it on to their children. Skylar explains to Walt that’s not an option because he’ll have to give up the money if he’s going to turn himself in. Instead, they should stay quiet and hopefully ride things out.


Because there aren’t enough scene with Bryan Cranston in his underwear…

Buried ends with Jesse in a police station following his money stack drive-by and subsequent playground discovery. Hank is informed by Albuquerque PD that they have Jesse in custody but he hasn’t said a word since being arrested. Hank convinces the detectives to take a break and let him have a go at Jeese, since they have such wonderful report. As Hank enters the interrogation room, Buried leaves us to wonder, will Jesse talk or will Hank tee off on Jeese’s face again? 


Round two Pinkman!

– Prometheus

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