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Having a Beard is Great, Until You’re Labeled a Muslim

    I don’t really like to use this as a platform to complain about my life, especially when I haven’t written anything in so long.  Who wants to hear me yammer on about nothing, especially when I’m not even going in on a crappy game or a bad comic?  Right?  Well, I’ve had it, and I’m sick, and in the words of Howard Beale, “…I’m not gonna take it anymore.” 

Alamo Drafthouse Founder to Debate Keanu Reeves and Box Tiger Chen

The cinematic world is no stranger to debates. Some films are instantly polarizing but even the most beloved films can inspire debate. No one, however, does debate quite like Fantastic Debates, a staple of Fantastic Fest. Fantastic Debates is an interesting if not amusing tradition which features verbal sparring followed by a round of boxing!

Latex Avenger 24-hour Comic – Review

This special issue of Latex Avenger is a product of 24-Hour Comics Day. Which, you guessed it, is a comic book which is conceived within a 24-Hour time frame. To accomplish such a feat several different artists worked on the issue including Devin Lawson, Bonn Adame, Shane Campos, Barry Comp, Michael Mauro and Dan Price. Devin Lawson handled the cover art, while Latex Avenger creator, Dan Price and Barry Comp shared writing duties for the issue.  With so many artists all drawing a single issue you may be tempted to assume that what they produced was chaotic and directionless, because too many cooks spoil the broth, right?

Straight Outta Austin!:Episode 64 – Racketeer Robot

  In this week’s episode of Straight Outta Austin! we’re joined by the creative minds behind Racketeer Robot, Bad Barry and Shane Campos! We had a lot of fun this episode as we learned about the origins of Racketeer Robot, how the Austin Nerdcave Showcase came about, epic nerdcore collaborations, and we developed a whole new appreciation for stuffed crust pizza!

Dan Price and Bonn Adame Interview

In episode 63 of Straight Outta Austin! we had the pleasure of sitting down with the creative team behind Masters of the Obvious and The Latex Avenger, Dan Price and Bonn Adame! We gained some insight into the origins of Masters of the Obvious and Latex Avenger as well as how the duo first teamed up. They were just as lively as you would expect from people who write and draw a character who holds degrees in both Physics and Zumba. Enjoy the interview and definitely check out their work on Hound Comics.

Atom Bug #1: Enemy From the Void – Review

Atom Bug is a ten issue mini series written and drawn by Michael V. Mauro. The series chronicles the surviving indigenous peoples of the “Proton planet” who are battling for their continued existence against powerful alien invaders. The battle between these two factions culminated with an invasion by the “otherworlders” who exterminated most of the native population with a deadly toxin.

Austin Nerd Cave Showcase!

Sandwiched between STAPLE! and Wizard World is a relatively new event, the Austin Nerdcave Showcase! The Austin Nerd Cave Showcase, presented by Racketeer Robot and JenHeartsArt, is a one-night event hosted at Tribe Comics and Games which boasts fan art, indie comics, live sketching, a photo booth, refreshments, live music and more!

O Conqueror Interview

  Last week we had Tito (Bass) and Jon (Drums) of O Conqueror join us on Straight Outta Austin! We gained some insight into the formation of O Conqueror as well as what’s in store for them in the future. They were fantastic guests and we had a great time recording with them. Enjoy the interview and definitely check out their album King Me.