Wizard World ’14 Cosplay

Wizard World 2014 has come and gone but the memory of fun and amazing cosplay will echo for an eternity. 

Jennifer Van Damsel & Nadya Sonika Do Ryu VS Vega Cosplay

  As if Nadya Sonika wasn’t already a standout amongst cosplayers, she’s absolutely solidified herself as one of the most fun cosplayers to follow with her Ryu VS Vega cosplay with Jennifer Van Damsel. Their “playful battle” also serves as my introduction to Jennifer Van Damsel, who’s a fantastic cosplayer in her own right. I’m always on the lookout for eye catching cosplay so I’m most certainly looking forward to seeing what Jennifer Van Damsel & Nadya Sonika do next!

Kelli Nova’s Closet Cosplay: The Baroness!

If you’re not an avid viewer of Kelli Nova’s Closet Cosplay then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Cosplay can sometimes carry the reputation of being a hobby that’s exclusive to those who have lots of money to pour into making costumes. On the contrary, Kelli Nova of, not only disproves that notion but shows that with a little creativity you can transform your everyday garments into an awesome cosplay! In this episode of Closet Cosplay Kelli Nova creates an amazing cosplay of the Baroness from G.I. Joe! Not only is her Baroness Cobra-Tastic but it’s easily my favorite Closet Cosplay thus far!

Sara Moni - Polaris Cosplay

Best of Sara Moni Cosplay

I had the pleasure of running into Sara Moni last year at Alamo City Comic Con and became an instant fan of hers! Humming the opening theme to X-Men: The Animated Series has that kind of effect of me. Sara Moni kicks ass at bringing Marvel characters to life: her Wasp, Polaris and Psylocke cosplays are some of my favorites and they’re just the tip of the iceberg!

Best of Spencer Doe Cosplay

It’s a huge understatement to say that male cosplayers don’t get the same level of exposure as their female counterparts, and I myself am not exempt from this. That said, I’m not putting together this post simply to help balance the scale but because Spencer Doe has fantastic cosplays of some of my favorite characters namely Batman and Gambit!

Best of Jessica LG

Jessica LG is a cosplayer who I learned about through Nicole Marie Jean, who’s an amazing cosplayer in her own right. It only took a quick glance through Jessica LG’s photo album for me to come to adore her! Rogue is my favorite X-Men character, with Gambit a close second, so seeing her cosplay as Rogue instantly drew my adoration. Toss in Kitty Pryde, Hope and Black Widow and there’s enough to make a Marvel fanboy go giddy!

Best of Nadya Sonika Cosplay – Part II

Nadya Sonika is not only brilliant when it comes to adapting male characters to a female cosplay but she’s an absolute sweet heart in person! If you’re ever presented with the opportunity to meet her, implore you not to pass it up! Nadya Sonika’s cosplay is some of the best I’ve seen, but you don’t need for me to tell you that as it speaks for itself!

Best of Nicole Marie Jean Cosplay

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Nicole Marie Jean at Alamo City Comic Con earlier this year. At the time I admittedly wasn’t all that familiar with her, but since then I’ve discovered just how incredible of a cosplayer she really is. On top of traveling to a different comic convention every week, whilst creating a new costume for each one, Nicole Marie Jean has a contagious energy and passionate which shines through her cosplay. Trust me, if you have the opportunity to meet her, and you’re not a fan already, you absolutely will become one!