Best of Sarah Fong Cosplay

Sarah Fong is self described as a cartooned costumer and legendary blanket fort architect. These are obviously most excellent perks to pad out a resume. On top of all that, Sarah Fong has some of the best cosplay that I’ve seen and they’re of some of my favorite characters no less. Specifically, her Cammy and Sakura cosplay are absolutely phenomenal! Also in the Capcom and Street Fighter universe, are Ibuki and Blaze which are great in their own right.

Miss Sinister Does Sagat Cosplay

If you’re familiar with Miss Sinister then you know that she’s the embodiment of Rule 63. And I mean that in a good way. She has some of most stunning cosplays I’ve ever seen. When I first saw her Sagat cosplay, I did a double take because it was so spot on. In addition to Sagat she’s done cosplays of Taki from Soul Caliber, Wesker from Resident Evil, Pein and Orochimaru from Naruto and of course Miss Sinister from X-Men!

Vegas PG Power Girl Cosplay

  Vegas PG is a professional cosplayer, spokesperson, and actress. She makes all of her own costumes. She doesn’t just dress the part but she’s genuinely an avid comic book reader. Vegas PG is best known for her Power Girl cosplay, which she first did back in 2008 and she’s continued to evolve the costume over the years.

Best of Lindze A’la Mode Cosplay

Lindze A’la Mode is a cosplayer who lives in “the South” with her husband and daughter. When she’s not dressing up she works as a makeup artist for Lindze A’la Mode cosplays for fun, loves video games, dorking out, kitties, hanging with her friends and cooking, among other things.

Best of Riddle Cosplay

Riddle is a fantastic cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia who maintains a secret identify, claiming that if she speaks ‘her real’ name she’ll disappear. She’s been cosplaying for over 12 Years! So it should come as no surprise that loves cosplaying and feels that it’s a great way to express her passion for the hobbies she loves. In addition to cosplaying as a hobby she’s even done make-up work for both  X-Men: First Class and Teen Wolf!

Best of Mariedoll Cosplay

Maria Romas, better known to the cosplay community as Mariedoll, is a professional model from Houston,Texas. In addition to her love of cosplay, she also I loves photography, dancing, modeling, anime, and videogames. She especially loves her two schnauzers to death! The professionalism of Mariedoll is apparent in every one of her photos, she’s more than a pretty face and really knows how to bring her characters to life. 

Ardella Does Power Girl Cosplay

Ardella is a cosplayer from Australia who just so happens to do a fantastic Power Girl cosplay. As you can clearly see, there’s absolutely no surprised as to why it’s her most famous cosplay. Ardella is also the host for the web show, “Planet of the Capes“, dedicated to the wonderful world of cosplay. It’s definitely worth giving a watch if for nothing else but hear her sweet accent!

Vamp Bit Me Does Lady Punisher Cosplay

Linda Le, better known as Vampy Bit Me (or VampBeauty), has exploded in popularity since she first appeared on the cosplay scene. She adopted the name Vampy after a makeup line that she and her cousin wanted to start.