Katybear Does Cammy Cosplay

KatyBear, as she’s known to the cosplay community, has always loved dressing up and after trying cosplay for the first time she was hooked. I’m sure that being born on Halloween couldn’t have hurt. KatyBear first started cosplaying two years ago, at the behest of her husband, after being inspired by what she saw at Con-Nichiwa in Tucson, Arizona. Her favorite cosplay, thus far, is her favorite character, Cammy. Cammy is also a favorite character of mine and hence why this week is dedicated to that Katybear’s Cammy cosplay!

Best of Aigue-Marine Cosplay

Sina better known as Aigue-Marine is 23-year-old costume artist from Stuttgart, Germany. Aigue-Marine has quickly become one of my favorite cosplayers. Her Catwoman and Miss Martian are among some of the best that I’ve seen and her Batgirl cosplay is easily among my absolute favorites.

Best of Liz Katz Cosplay

Liz Katz is self-described as ‘half nerd on her father’s side and half mystical creature on her mother’s’. That pretty much sums it up. In addition to being a successful cosplayer she’s has her own web show, Superhero Boot Camp. She also stars and co-wrote, along with Sam Marconi, the Star Wars parody, Star Wars VII – Return of The Empire.

Best of Nadya Sonika

If you’ve seen either the Lady Cyclops or Lady Gambit cosplay, it’s likely that you’ve seen the incredible Nadya Sonika. Sonika is an industrial design student, a costume designer, cosplayer, model, gamer and self described total geek. She’s put her own spin on two of my favorite X-Men characters and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Jessica Nigri: The Queen of Cosplay Does Deadpool

Jessica Nigri, The Queen of Cosplay, is back and this time around she does Deadpool! No, no, not like that. It’s perfectly fitting for someone like Jessica Nigri to cosplay as Deadpool since she’s both ridiculously silly yet still bad ass not unlike the Merc with a Mouth. You’re Welcome.  – Prometheus For more on Jessica Nigri be sure to visit her official Facebook Fan Page! You May Also Like: Best of Jessica Nigri You Won’t Believe Who is in Deadpool’s Crosshairs First look at all female X-Men team! First Look at Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Ultimate Iron Man Fandom

It’s no big surprise that people love dressing up as their favorite characters. They spend painstaking hours fashioning costumes to do justice to their comic book counterparts. If you’ve seen the incredible Iron Man and War Machine replica suits making waves around the Internet then you’ve likely bared witness to the work of Anthony Le.

Best of Ani-Mia

Mia McLaughlin better known as Ani-Mia has become a cosplay sensitization. Her Supergirl cosplay is nothing sort of phenomenal. She’s managed to gain a bit of notoriety with her Rogue cosplay sporting a latex Rogue dress (by Vengeance Designs). She models for Girls of Geek; a calendar featuring beautiful geeky women!

Best of Jessica Nigri

What can be said about Jessica Nigri? Since she began “casually cosplaying” back in 2009, she’s made appearances at several gaming as well as comic conventions, including E3, Penny Arcade Expo, and the San Diego Comic Con. Her meteoric rise to cosplay acclaim came by way of her portrayal of the zombie hunting cheerleader, Juliet Starling during the marketing campaign for Lollipop Chainsaw.