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Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets = Unde(NYE)ably Wow^2!

  I what could only be internet breaking hilarity, Bill Nye breaks our childhood molds of what we all thought we knew about our chosen science lord. Check out this awesome video of Bill Nye reading tweets from a bunch of ignoramus’ throwing shade his way…    

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E15 – “The Nova Corps”

  It’s the last episode strip of the season! What way to end it then with the Novas?!   Thank you for all those who read the strips! Season 2 will be coming soon! Until next time, Punchers!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E14 – “The Lava Wars” Conclusion

    This is it! The Lava Wars end and a victor is claimed!   Congratulations to Hibiki! Always knew you’d win. Really, I wrote it… Next week: Season finale! Super special guests! That’s an ‘s’ for more than one guest!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E13 – “The Lava Wars” Part 2

  The Lava Wars continues on! And Ice is suddenly German!   Next week: The Lava Wars comes to its conclusion! Who’s going to win?!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E12 – “The Lava Wars” Part 1

    It’s getting hot in here! You better watch your toes!   Next week: The Lava Wars continues!  Enter: BobbyBeatle and Amuro!

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PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E11 – “Nightmare on Jay Street”

  Amuro sure isn’t dreaming about sugar plums and fairies…   Next week: The Lava Wars begins!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E10 – “The Secret Origin Of BobbyBeatle”

    The one thing we all wanted to know! Where did BobbyBeatle come from?!   Next week: Amuro’s dreams & nightmares!