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PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E9 – “The Oracle”

    The Oracle is in da house!!   NEXT WEEK: BobbyBeatle’s True Origin!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E8 – “Slippers > Dice”

  Ice be rolling with some awesome fuzzy now!   Next week: The Oracle knows all!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E7 – “Resident: Prometheus”

    Over the pavement and through the hallways, to Prometheus’ apartment we go…. Have a happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a great 2015! Next week: Ice’s car’s new toy!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E6 – “Not So Merry Christmas”

  Amuro wishes he was Tim Allen. Merry Christmas, everyone!  Next week: Prometheus in the house! But which one?

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E5 – “Get The Fuzz Out”

    It’s not what you think, Fuzzy Slippers!   Next Week: The Christmas episode!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E4 – “Babies NOTgeniuses”

  Enter BobbyBeatle. With a so called plan…   Next week: Get fuzzy with it!

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E3 – “Karma’s A B!%$#”

    Poor, poor Amuro….   Next week: BobbyBeatle’s debut!   Wait, there’s more! Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 139 – Hashtag Sideboob The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 034: Phase 3 Wizard World ’14: Weird Girls – Interview Wizard World ’14 – Aquaman Interview

PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E2 – “Have A Bloody Thanksgiving!”

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Gobble! Gobble! Special guest star: BloodOcean!