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PTWOR: The Comic Strip! S1E1 – “You Never Joke Twice”

Welcome everyone to the brand new series, PTWOR: THE COMIC STRIP! Follow the crazy adventures and antics of the PTWOR crew: Amuro, the beardy one. Prometheus, the punny ninja. Hibiki, the photo-taking mama bear. Ice, the oracle of comics. Fuzzy Slippers, the owner of slippers that are fuzzy. And BobbyBeatle, the guy who’s not an actual Beatle member. The strip series will be updated every Tuesday at 12pm Eastern/11am Central. And with that, enjoy the first episode!   Wait, there’s more! Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 140 – Beard Murray The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 034: Phase 3 Wizard World ’14: Weird Girls – Interview Super! Issue #4 Review

PTWOR: The Comic Strip!

COMING SOON! Announcing the PTWOR comic strip! That’s right, everyone! PTWoR will be having its own comic coming to a computer screen near you! Join in every Tuesday to see wacky and fun adventures with Prometheus, Amuro, Hibiki, Ice, Bobbybeatle, and of course Fuzzy Slippers, plus special surprise guests!

Wizard World Austin ’13 – Anomaly Podcast Interview

  If you’re not listening to Anomaly Podcast then go listen to Anomaly Podcast! Seriously, the ladies of Anomaly Podcast are not only super awesome but their wealth of Sci Fi knowledge is only exceeded by their enthusiast! As you can imagine, I had a great time interviewing them!

Greetings from Wizard World Austin ’13!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we were not able to attend Wizard World Austin ’13 in the capacity that we would have liked to, but we made damn sure to enjoy the hell outta the time we had and we met some absolutely amazing people! Some of those amazing people are artists, writers, cosplayers and just plain awesome folks! We’d like to share their work and we urge y’all to check them out!  

New Video Series – Badtlefield with Agamemnon

    Hey guys, I finally got my Avermedia Live Gamer Portable.  I’ve been dying to make a Battlefield 3 video since watching some Fyshokid montages, and I’m finally able to make my little dream come true.  I believe today marks the Battlefield 4 beta release to the public, so stay tuned over the weekend to catch a little montage, along with my thoughts on the game so far.  Please check out my first video, hand out some feedback, especially from the trolls, and I hope you keep tuning in.

Live Action Remake of Family Guy’s Epic Chicken Fight

Professional stuntwomen Jessie Graff and Tree O’Toole have created a live-action, near shot-for-shot remake of Family Guy’s original Epic Chicken Fight and it’s epic in its own right! These two stunt ladies give an awesome performance which is damn entertaining from the very beginning until the final punch is thrown. There are no extreme close ups or shots from lame shaky cams, rather you get to see all of the amazing action.

Watch Kick-Ass as an 8-bit Video Game

This week’s pick for Best of the Web comes courtesy of CineFix! They’ve put together an awesome re-imagining of the over-the-top superhero flick, Kick-Ass! CineFix’s 8 Bit Cinema has successfully transformed several scenes in Kick-Ass to resemble an 8-bit video game. Check it out and just try to tell me that you didn’t wish that game actually existed. I for one, would absolutely love to play this game! Kudos to CineFix for not only an original concept but phenomenal execution.