Life-Size LEGO Superman and Iron Man

This year’s San Deigo Comic-Con asks the question that mankind has been pondering for countless years

Designing the Ultimate Geek Bedroom

We know you would all love to reside in your very own Batcave or Hobbit House but unfortunately we’re not all Lord British. We, instead, must adhere to certain limitations. Some limitations, however, can be bent. Others broken. The dream, no, the ambition to design and build the über geek bedroom of your imagining is well within your power. Now, I know what you’re asking, ‘Riddle me this, how does one go about building the ultimate geek bedroom?’ I can only open the door to your ultimate Geek Bedroom, it is you who must walk through it. 

What Every Game of Thrones Fan Needs

You don’t need for me to tell you how awesome Game of Thrones is; if you’ve seen the show then you’re well aware. However, you may not be aware of everything that Game of Thrones has to offer.

KFC goes Super Sayian

Looks like Japanese minishops aren’t the only eateries getting in on the Dragon ball Z foodie action. KFC in Japan has come down with DBZ-mania as well. Apparently KFC is “So Good” in the Land of the Rising Sun that even Goku is willing to chow it down from time to time. Behold! Was it any wonder that Goku died of a heart attack?

The Greatest Legend of Zelda Figurine Ever!

    Do you collect statues? Do love Legend of Zelda? Well, great news Punchers! Medicom Toy, a Japanese action figure maker, has recently released this new Link Statue from Real Action Heroes line, effectively making it the best thing to come from the franchise since Majora’s Mask.

Boba Fett, Goku and Evil Ryu Mini Munny Customs

For those who aren’t familiar with “Munnys”, they’re a toy made by the company Kidrobot. Munnys are sold blank so they can be designed however the artist desires. They’re made of vinyl with movable joints and are available in several different variations. An artists who goes by the name of Avatar666 has created some truly awesome figures ranging from Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z to Star Wars as well as his own original creations. Check ’em out!

The Dark Knight in the palm of your hand courtesy of Sideshow Collections!

Perfect for any collector or voodoo practitioner  Once upon a time McFarlane Toys were the Gold Standard for detailed and relatively realistic action figures. Enter Sideshow Collections. They’ve created the ultimate collector’s action figures; offering photo realistic sixth scale figures. The figures aren’t limited to Batman movies though. Sideshow Collectibles offers a varied array of licensed products. They have figures from several popular video games and movies; specifically mega franchises like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. They even have Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson figures. Before you whip out your check book, you may have to salivate from afar because unlike McFarlane Toys, you’re not going to walk away with one of those figures without shelling out a pretty penny. For the figures pictured above you can expect to spend up to $275. Not too shabby if you have the cash. For the rest of us, we’ll have to settle for enjoying their photo gallery. Why so realistic?    – Prometheus You May Also Like: The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 2 Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 6 – Mega Man X Dovahkin Ghost In The Shell MMORPG Possibly In The Making Straight Outta Austin! : Episode…