My Thoughts, Solicited: September 2014 Solicitations

Marvel and DC, watch out! This ain’t your playground only anymore! Here comes some Image  books as well that I just have to make sure people know about! From time traveling girls, to ones with cameras, and others who deal with so called Gods. They join up with munchkin versions of your favorite super heroes, to seeing loads of different versions of just one. Comics. It’s a love and hate world and we live in it.

My Thoughts, Solicited: August Solicitations – DC/Marvel

We’re into the August solicitations now and everything is still a-sizzlin’ in the comic world. Grant Morrison’s Multiversity gets solicited after its announcement forever ago, while DC begins a new wave of cancellations. On the other hand with Marvel, they continue with their 75th anniversary celebration as a publisher as they finish up their summer event with Original Sin.  

The Comic Bubble: Diamond Retailer Summit News

    Last weekend, Diamond had their annual retailer summit in Las Vegas and earlier this week a few big announcements were made. Just about all of them, save one, was for Marvel comics, but still pretty interesting tidbits. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: July 2014 Solicitations, Marvel & DC

It’s the middle of the summer (for these books) and DC makes some new changes to their lineup hoping to entice new readers and old alike to re-interest in some of their characters and books. Meanwhile on the Marvel flip-side of things, they continue on with Original Sin and tie-ins, as well give beloved characters their own solo outgoings! This is a great part of comics- there’s something for everyone!

Super! Issue #4 Review

    In issue four of Super!, we explore the latter side of the superhero business.  What happens when you hang up the cape?  Are you rewarded for your years of service?  Is there a nice, cushy retirement plan with your name on it?  Well, Golden Age Home for Retired Super Beings is where you’d probably find out.

The Comic Bubble: Breaking down the big C2E2 news.

    Last weekend Chicago had the annual C2E2 convention and not many things were revealed, in terms of “big news” by most companies there. It was your standard “this is what’s going on,” but nothing really “OMG YOU GUYS” level. Discussions on what’s already shown in past solicitations and reveals. For example, the ‘biggest’ news DC really dropped was that Joker will be returning as Snyder has a part 2 to what he has planned with him, though it will be some time before that story comes along.

My Thoughts, Solicited: June 2014 Solicitations – DC/Marvel

  It’s a month of crazy on both sides of this spectrum and there is no loser as we, the comic readers, pretty much come out the victors. June is a special month for DC as new Superman artist John Romita Jr. begins his run on the series. Lobo shows up again, this time in Justice League United as he goes man-o a man-o with Hawkguy while elsewhere we get treated to Batwoman’s and Red Robin’s origin. Lemire and Sorrentino decide to break Green Arrow and Batman gets ready to wrap up its year long Zero Year storyline with The Riddler! Meanwhile at Marvel, it’s an Original Sin overload as Original Sins tie-in mini series is introduced. The Hulk goes Savage while the New Avengers take on Marvel’s version of the Justice League. Miles Morales has a lot going on and a certain Black Cat is out for revenge. 

Magneto #1 Review – Ennis Eat Your Heart Out

              While Magneto is one of the more greatly appreciated villains in the Marvel U, he’s still one of the more overlooked villains, as far as characterization goes.  Mags has always struck readers, not so much as a villain, but more as an anti-hero, even a freedom fighters.  He’s often painted as a terrorist, and mostly an outright super-villain.  But is Magneto really a villain.  Can he really be considered a freedom fighter? Maybe he’s simply a self-righteous wacko void of redemption.  In it’s first issue, Cullen Bunn manages to make Magneto feel like the beginning of Punisher MAX, one of my most treasured collections.  But will he take Magneto down a similar path, or will he be drawn down a road to self-reflection and recovery, whatever that may mean?