Batman/Superman #1 Annual Review – It’s Not That Great

              I’ll admit off the bat, I don’t really read a whole lot of DC comics, especially those relating to New 52.  That’s slowly changing, and if you count Vertigo titles, then I’m somewhat of an avid fan, so take that drink as half empty or half full.  The Batman/Superman Annual started off decent enough.  Hook me in with the gorgeous art.  Fine, I’ll take a gander at it.  Steel’s on the cover art?  DC’s James Rhodes?  Damn, I haven’t seen Steel since the movie came out!  I thought to myself, “This should be one heck of a thrill ride,” with the hopes that this would be a gateway to the greater Superman and Batman titles.  All these aspirations, from a simple impulse purchase. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: May 2014 Solicitations – DC & Marvel.

  Your monthly insight for what books to keep an eye out is back again for comics shipping this May! An evil thought to be forever is done as the end of the future begins at DC in a new weekly series. Meanwhile, other new #1s pop up replacing old books and we say goodbye to another title leaving the New 52. Over at Marvel, their Original Sin is coming to light while an X-Men leaves the team to go space traveling (not again, amirite!) and Jim Starlin returns to a character he’s known for writing… none other than Thanos!

The Comic Bubble: Digital Comics – Taking over singles or sidekick to them?

   Over the last couple years digital versions of comic books have become more and more prominent and a lot more people are reading them in that format. With the help of sites/apps like ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited, to name a couple examples, you can read current and old comics alike on the computer or on your smartphone/devices. With the ever-growing like and use of this format, there are those who worry that it will take over completely and physical copies will be the way of the past. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: April 2014 Solicitations – DC & Marvel

  April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings the new Batman Eternal weekly series! Also starting in April from DC is Justice League United, because hey, what’s another Justice League title right? Meanwhile, things look grim for Nightwing as it could be that he’s… dead?! A new creative team takes over Flash and we also say good-bye to some titles, with Superman Unchained being one of them. Looking at Marvel, things aren’t as grim, but there’s still bad news as Uatu the Watcher gets killed and gets his own event because of it with Original Sin. Peter Parker makes a triumphant and totally expected return as Iron Fist gets another kick at an ongoing solo series. Get it? Another… kick! More heroes get their own solo title and one recently back from the dead takes over another. April has got it all for you, folks!

Danni Danger’s Pull List for February 12th, 2014

Fretting over which comic books to pick up come Wednesday? Don’t! Instead, check out Danni Danger’s Pull List! Danni shares her comic book knowledge and gives her top picks of the comics coming out this week!    

The Comic Bubble: Comic book variant covers and you.

    Comic book collectors and readers alike all know about variants. The alternate covers that are rare in numbers and have distinct art. Variants can be nice and all, but are they more of a pain than they are worth it to have?

Thunderbolts #20 Review

    Thunderbolts begins anew!  New year, new story, new character addition.  Previously, the Thunderbolts had just completed Punishers’ job of taking out the biggest New York mafia no one knew about.  Then there was the awesome annual where they had to use magic items to fight a “true fairy” king using Doctor Strange’s image to force people to be happy.  It was a really fun issue.  With Ross’ submarine sleeping comfortably at the bottom of the Hudson Bay, it sorta leaves the team without a base to operate out of.  Naturally that leads our team to somewhere in Northern Michigan; a place Ross was stationed at early in his career.  The team is able to secure the base after taking out the hillbilly robots guarding it.  I have a feeling this will come into play at a later, if not sooner, time.

Indie Comic Book Spotlight: Evercross

If you’re tired of reading comic books with the same recycled plots lathered with overexposed characters, then you’ve come to the right place! Every week we’ll be spotlighting a different comic book, focusing primarily on independent creators. Whether they be indie creators who have cut their teeth working with the Big Two, and now have a creator owned property, or they’re just breaking into the industry and making a name for themselves, I’ll be bringing them to your attention! This week we’ll be spotlighting, the Sci-Fi/Western epic, Evercross! Evercross, created by Bobic Alva and Kevin Johnson, is an intriguing tango of violence with a compelling premise and fun characters. Evercross was made possible with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I for one am very glad to have gotten a copy!