Back Issue Picks – Saga

    I must outright state that I am not a huge fan of Brian K Vaughan, at least not before this post.  So please, before you go judging me and shutting down your internet before finishing this read, let me explain. 

The Comic Bubble: X-Men: Battle of the Atom Field Report 0XMN003

  This week we’re back to Bendis again in the writing department as he’s joined by regular X-Men artist, Chris Bachalo.       Part 4 of Battle of the Atorm in Uncanny X-Men came out this past Wednesday as the Uncanny team (on Utopia) try to assess the situation with young Scott and Jean. Meanwhile we’re treated to S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill freaking out and labeling Hank McCoy as the worst person ever. Worse than Magneto? Damn, that’s some award.  

The Comic Bubble: X-Men: Battle of the Atom 0XMN002 Field Report

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom’s third chapter picked up with the three different era X-Men making their plans to chase the runaways of the past, Jean and Scott. While the scenes in the issue are paced well, overall it can feel somewhat quick at times, but not so fast that you feel like it’s running you by. With an event which is taking 10 issues to tell, you want some haste, but not too much as to drag everything down. 

DC’s Batwoman: A Marriage of Controversy

  There’s been much ado as it concerns Batwoman and DC‘s alleged war on marriage. Whether DC‘s kibosh on Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer’s marriage is specifically a front against same-sex marriage or marriage as a whole, it’s a debate onto itself. Which side of the debate you fall on depends on whether or not you believe what DC is saying is actually true, or if you believe that DC is simply spinning the facts in order to maintain their argument. Regardless of what DC would have you believe, they have much to answer for.

The Comic Bubble: X-Men: Battle of the Atom Field Report 0XMN001.

    Spoilers. Warning. You get the idea.       After originally being announced back in April during C2E2, X-Men: Battle of the Atom celebrates 50 wondrous, confusing for some, and glorious years of X-Men stories since their creation by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby in September of 1963. The event, running through four X-Men books with two special book-end issues, tells the tale of past, present, and future X-Men coming together to prevent a screw-up from making life worse for the merry mutants in the future.

My Thoughts, Solicited: November 2013 Solicitations- Marvel

It’s a big month for Marvel as Infinity ends with an all-out planetary brawl! The X-Men deal with the aftermath of Battle of the Atom! Avengers Arena sees its last sunset while the possible end of the Ultimate Universe begins. And oh wait! The return of Nightcrawler in the new Amazing X-Men series!!  

My thoughts, Solicited: November 2013 Solicitations- DC

  Plenty of comic series by DC in November tie-in into Zero Year or Forever Evil that it almost makes Marvel blush! The Batman family books and others join in on the fun that is Zero Year as they tell their tales of their what went on in their corners during ‘the early years’. Meanwhile on the Forever Evil side of the coin, villains get to have their cake and eat it too. Oh, and Harley gets her own ongoing!

The Comic Bubble: Iceman! Defender of the Universe!

It’s been over a week since Wolverine & The X-Men #34 was released, but if you haven’t read it yet, fair warning: SPOILERS.