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The Comic Bubble: Is ‘mum’ still the word?

    In films and tv shows, there are always grand moments; the death of a character, the return of an old one, or a shocking cliffhanger that can completely change the tone and storyline. When those moments arrive, we’re usually caught off-guard and we’re just shocked, left speechless with our jaws reaching the floor. We didn’t see it coming and that gives those moments the big bang that knocks us out of our seats.

The Comic Bubble: Peter Parker: First Spider Blood Part 1

  No, that’s not the name of the next Spider-Man comic, but it looks like you can expect a new series this October from David Morell, the man who came up with Rambo. He tweeted himself just the other week, that his new project is called “Peter Parker: Spider-Man” and the first two issues will be due out in October. For all we know, this could be a non-canon project, or something dealing with other dimensions. It’s not like Marvel hasn’t dipped into that bag before.

The Comic Bubble: A peek into Battle of the Atom’s future X-Men

As you may have already seen by now, Battle of the Atom, the 50th anniversary event for the X-Men this fall, will have the future X-Men come back to the present time X-Men to warn the past X-Men hanging around to go back home before they keep screwing up the space time continuum.

The Comic Bubble: The new way Marvel does comic events

  And how it’s actually working for the better. What does that mean?    When Marvel does their comic events, they typically begin in April and run through September/October with the main mini series being released once a month with loads of tie-ins released every week. Almost every comic Marvel released tied into that year’s event somehow, or they’d have tie-in mini series for the comics that didn’t. House of M had 24 different tie-in books. Civil War, when it was all said and done, had 39 different tie-in books. So you can see why people would get “event fatigue” and get tired of comic events year after year.

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 4

Previously covered in Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 3, I went over Uncanny X-Men, which actually started in February, not January. My mistake on that. If anyone has Beast’s number (Furry, blue present-day Beast), let me know. I need to borrow his time platform so I can go back in time and fix this little error. Luckily, the space-time continuum isn’t affected. Hail Apocalypse, our great overlord! Now that that’s settled with, let’s go over the other titles released during February. Now these, I promised actually did come out that month.   

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 3

It’s back! More Marvel NOW! books have appeared on the comic shelves of your local comic shops and thus more books to give the low-down to. People still say “low-down” right? Here, presented before all of you, are the NOW! books that were released in January 2013.          Uncanny X-Force Written by Sam Humphries Art by Ron Garney   What’s up so far: Storm is joined by Psylocke and Puck as they deal with Spiral and a new mutant girl, although the situation doesn’t become any easier when Bishop is back in town from the extreme far future. About the 68th century! Bishop is still a villain. Bishop still has his sight set on capturing a mutant girl, though not Hope this time. It’s the aforementioned new mutant girl with Spiral. Oh- and Bishop be rocking the large dreadlocks now, with a beard to boot. Also, Fantomex and Cluster*, new lovers are on the search for Dark Fantomex* before Psylocke gets hurt.

The Comic Bubble: Two Recommended DC Titles

I know mostly what I’ve covered has been Marvel books with only a mention or two about DC books in the Top 5 Comics of 2012, so I figured I’d talk about the other two DC books on my plate that I find enjoyable and think you might too.  

The Comic Bubble: A Look into Comic Book TV

Comic books are no stranger to the small screen. In fact, comics have been a part of the television world longer than english soap operas. You’ve had Superman with George Reeves as the titular character in the 50’s, the über popular Adam West Batman show from the 60’s, and let’s not forget the live action Spider-Man show from the 70’s. There’s been so many comic shows, but none were probably more popular than the ones that ran in the 90’s. Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman: The Animated Series; all beloved still to this day.   Justice League (Cartoon Network) ran for two years before switching to Justice League: Unlimited and running for another three.  Over the years we’ve kept getting more and more great shows like Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine And The X-Men (the name for the cartoon first before the comic- neither in relation to one another) and Spectacular Spider-Man. While sadly none of the series are on the air today, we still have some excellent shows on now and more soon to come.