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The Comic Bubble: Top 5 Comic Books of 2012

This week I am focusing on what I found to be the Top 5 books of 2012. Without further waiting, here is what I think were the top tier, the best reads from last year:     5. Batman (DC Comics) Written by: Scott Snyder, backups by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV Penciled by: Greg Capullo, backups by Various Artists When DC launched Batman with Snyder & Capullo at the helm for the New 52 initiative, the team was on fire from the very beginning. From the epic Court of Owls story line to the current Death of the Family, it’s been a crazy, thrilling roller-coaster ride and the fun doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Adding paranoia to the bat-lore with wondering how the Court of Owls have been living and functioning in Gotham without Batman’s knowledge is not only bold, but magnificent. It’s a whole new level of impressiveness with how Snyder is showing that Gotham may not be what Batman once thought it was like.   With #10, backups began to run with the book co-written by Scott Snyder & up-and-coming writer James Tynion IV. It’s been a great pleasure reading them, enjoying, and looking…

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 2

  Previously I wrote about what I figured to be the Top 5 books under the Marvel Now! label. This time, I’ll be going through the rest of the books under the trade dress, giving you an insight into which ones are worth your time and which ones just be left on the comic shelf.    Besides the five books mentioned in Part 1, there are currently eight other books out that is part of Marvel NOW!, for the titles that began a new volume/#1.    

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 1

Comic fans everywhere know that after every major summer comic event comes the “forever changes for the universe” that really only means a change for a few months until the next comic event starts. Think of it as the comic event being the baseball season, stretching from Spring to Autumn and the “change” being the offseason. Players change teams, some retire, and everyone else gets ready for go at it again come Winter’s end. But this time, is Marvel actually keeping the “change” they said was happening after Avengers vs X-Men? It really seems like they are. While it’s not the same kind of change people saw after previous events, this is a change that seems like it’ll be sticking around for some time to come. The Marvel Universe isn’t drastically different, but it’s different enough to notice not everything is the same around the board. And that’s not only in roster wise for teams, but creative changes as well for the books’ driving forces as well.