Agamemnon’s Sony Playstation 4 Breakdown

    So the moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrived last night, and with all the buffering issues Sony prevailed through, I’m glad I waited until this morning to watch two and a half hours of the laggiest news anyone could ever subject themselves to bare.  Had I watched it live, I would have reminisced of the good ole days, when I used to watch scribble vision for one of my incredible, two hour wank sessions.  The conference begins with a summation of Sony’s achievements within the spectrum of gaming, while promising new opportunities and technology to gamers, that no one else(read: Microsoft/Nintendo) will be able to offer.

Watch Sony’s PlayStation Event Live!

Speculation about the PS4 has been running rampant and now it’s finally time for us to get some answers! You can watch the live stream of Sony’s PlayStation event here on Punching the Walls of Reality! The Live Stream begins at 5PM Central Time/3PM Pacific Watch live video from playstation on Let us know in the comment section what you thought about the event!   You May Also Like: Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 10 – Durango Unchained MVC3: Fate of a Franchise??? RWBY: The White Trailer The Fall Classic The Future Nightmare of Cloud Gaming is Now

The Future Nightmare of Cloud Gaming is Now

      On one of our recent podcasts, you may recall the SFC?! crew comparing specs between the Orbis(PS4) and the Durango(xbox).  In comparing both hardwares, we discussed how the PS4 would not, in fact, be backwards compatible as current hardware and design would have made it impossible for Sony to sell the Orbis at their desired msrp of $399, even if you ignore all the compatibility hurdles they’d have to jump just to make it function properly. To that, we shuttered in unison on this missing benefit, but begrudgingly accepted that we’d have no backward compatibility, because we still love our PS3’s and they’ll mostly function as a secondary source of entertainment.

Prepare Yourselves, The Fall Classic is Coming!

    If there’s one thing games have proved, it’s that we love, love, LOVE us some cross-property match-ups. Look at games like Smash Bros, Marvel vs Capcom, Playstation All Stars and Capcom vs SNK. Well someone decided to apply this to real life, and what we’re getting is The Fall Classic! Just about every sport has a Fall Classic, albeit not exactly on a professional level, but a competitive one all the same. And we have big names in the fighting game community to thank for this. These gentlemen include Eric Small, who organizes Northeast Championship, Summer Jam and the upcoming Winterbrawl 7. Also assisting in this joint effort, we have ShinBlanka who organizes Final Round, along with East Coast Throwdown organizers, Joe Ciaramelli and John Gallagher. A true coalition of minds ranging from the east coast to the dirty 3rd.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of a Franchise???

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 was one of those games every gamer wanted to exist.  Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was(and still is) such a great game, that no one could possibly comprehend what, or who, the next iteration would include.  Even today, MVC2 gets so much love from the community.  If that wasn’t a selling point for how awesome this game was, once Capcom stopped printing copies, used game retailers began selling any copies they could find for $80, at minimum.  I remember when the internet became a thing in my house, and then eBay, I found a copy of MVC2 starting at a base price of $120.  Suffice to say, MVC2 was a hot commodity and the reigning king of fighting games… along with 3rd Strike. A decade later, there was still no sign that Capcom was even remotely interested in the series, and all the villages in the world waited for the day a hero would stand tall and deliver us the greatest sequel never made.  But the hero never came…   …Until one day…

Elder Scrolls Online food truck tour?! Yes, please!

The Elder Scrolls Online food truck may be passing through your town beginning in March! Bethesda, in an effort to fatten up their fan base will be forgoing fast travel and traversing the continental United States via food truck. It’s only appropriate that their first stop will be The Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas! Known for its array of delectable food trucks, for those who didn’t already know. The type of food is not specified but my money is on mountains of sweet rolls and rivers flowing with mead.

More Sleeping Dogs DLC on the way!

  Looks like Nightmare in North Point and The Zodiac Tournament were just the beginning. Square Enix wants to help make the relationship last a bit longer so they’ve committed to 6 months of more Sleeping Dogs DLC! I couldn’t be happier. The Zodiac Tournament was definitely a step in the right direction and I hope they’ve continued to build on that foundation. Buy DLC or I cut you!

Medal of Honor Laid To Rest

    After attempting to piggyback it’s revival off the success of cult favorite Battlefield Bad Company 2, and then failing miserably, twice, since then, Electronic Arts has decided to bury the Medal of Honor series indefinitely, as reported by Eurogamer. That’s right all you bearded, Oakley-wearing, fps junkies, the series has goen the way of the dodo’s.