New Capcom Fighting Game In The Works?

    Since 2008, there has been a gospel-like revival of the fighting game genre, and Capcom has led the choir in it’s song.  Just recently, Capcom has decided to add a new hymn(humor me) in ‘Fighters of Capcom.’

WiiU Storage Capacity So Very Small. Everyone Else, So Very Big.

    As if the WiiU didn’t have enough self-inflicted wounds to mend, the two SKU‘s Nintendo has, pack an incredibly inferior amount of hard drive space; 8gb and 32gb.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out purchasers, of at least the 8gb version, won’t even be able to fully utilize the storage to it’s marketed capacity.  Nintendo released a really odd video to explain the process, which I’ll post at the bottom.  But it’s in Japanese, so sadly, I had to rely on Kotaku for an explanation.

Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point – Review

Like I always say, game without pork bun, never a full game  If you’ve read my review of Sleeping Dogs then you’re well aware that I absolutely loved it. As you can imagine, I couldn’t have been more excited when the Nightmare in North Point DLC was announced. Well, with high expectations, often come significant disappointments and Nightmare in North Point unfortunately falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t terrible, just terribly disappointing. Where the main story of Sleeping Dogs excelled, Nightmare in North Point fell short. In my opinion, there are two significant things which set Sleeping Dogs apart from other sandbox games; the combat system and the story, neither of which had the same impact in Nightmare in North Point, that the main story did. Damn, that’s some good ass tea! 

Waiter, There’s An RPG in My FPS! Bioware Capitalizes on Black Ops 2 Mishap.

    November 13th, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was released like a monetary plague on consumer wallets, once again breaking their previous records, although this time no financial statement was released.  Hmm.  With such incredible success, it would look as though nothing could spoil Treyarch’s monumental day in the sun.  That is unless you were one of the unlucky, or I should say incredibly fortunate, consumers that “accidentally” received a copy of Mass Effect 2, which “mistakenly” replaced one of the installation discs.

Tom Hardy is Sam Fisher? Ubi plz…

  You read that title correct! Tom Hardy has been tapped to absorb himself into the awesome sauce that is Sam Fisher, that guy from the game you like. Sam Fisher, the main protagonist in every Splinter Cell game, most recently the upcoming Blacklist, is arguably the coolest sneaky spy that doesn’t rely on cardboard boxes for cover. Ubisoft, which had decided to create their own studio instead of licensing their properties, are heading development in order to maybe option it to studios at a later date.

Mass Effect Trilogy Drops December 4th, So Don’t Bother Clicking This!

  So finally, after news dropped that Mass Effect, as a whole, would be bundled into a trilogy and released across all platforms, sci-fi nerds and video game jockeys “rejoiced” all over the galaxy’s face. They don’t call us the Milky Way for nothing.

Devil May Cry Remake Returns with Heaven and Hell Mode, Hell and Hell Mode

  Despite your feelings, mainly mine, for the new DmC, there breeds a certain sense of familiarity. If you were among the few, the proud, the hardcore elite, you played Devil May Cry 3 & 4 on the most grueling, most satisfying difficulty possible; Heaven or Hell Mode! Gregaman, from the Capcom Unity boards, posted some new info on the game recently, with some new screen caps to boot.

Video Game Deals for this Halloween Weekend

  Hallow’s Eve is here at last, and if dressing like an idiot and harassing your neighbors for chocolate confections sounds like too much of a hassle, then here’s some deals for you to check out to help pass the time!