The End of City of Heroes

  If you remember on one of our previous podcasts, the SOA crew touched on MMORPG City of Heroes, nearing it’s end. It’s always sad to see an MMO, especially one that’s endured for quite some time, finally reach it’s expiration date. At the time, not much info was released, aside from an end date. Adam Smith of Rock, Paper, Shotgun gave an update on the situation this past week and I thought it was an interesting enough article to feature. It’s a strange thing, bearing witness to the end of a world. When the final voices of Star Wars: Galaxies voices cried out and were suddenly silenced, I was oddly moved by the documentation of the event, even though I’d never played the game and am the only person on the internet who doesn’t have any particular feelings about Star Wars*. The end of City of Heroes may well create similar scenes, at once absurd and poignant, and Paragon have now shared a list of the LAST EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Read the rest from the site as there’s a slew of info on events and such that lead up to the end of the world…of…

Real Honest Reviews – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  When I had first heard the announcement of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I wasn’t exactly ripping at the seams in anticipation. On the contrary, I kinda just let the news pass by.  Admittedly, I was expecting more of the same gameplay we’ve all come to expect from the franchise.  I have played Counter-Strike proper for nearly 4 years, so my curiosity was at the minimum. Although, I had been wondering what a new title would bring in the form of innovation, and emptily hoped there would finally be a decent story. The title itself gave me the notion that Valve was working on a story for the series, maybe to throw their hat into the boring, FPS campaign wars. Sadly, this was not the case, but I imagine if that was their intent, Valve would go to great lengths to show the competition how you make a thrilling campaign mode, and then suddenly halt progress after their second incarnation. Aside from that, I had read zero news about the game. Well, it was my birthday recently, and as a gift from the venerable Bobby Beatle, I received CS:GO! Nothing screams absolute excitement for a game than “FREE!” You know, because…

Attack of the Change – G4 Getting “Rebrand”

  A long time ago, in a forgotten place, a man once said, “the only constant in life is change.”  That man was me.  Like all things that come with change, it is met with harsh, and sometimes unfair, criticism.  It seems like such is the case with G4, as NBC Universal is looking to “rebrand” G4 to make it more palatable to men of all types. Read as; “We want to get rid of what makes it appealing to geeks.”  Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh.  With flops like Heroes and unwanted sitcoms like Scrubs and Community under their belt, it’s a no-brainer as to why NBC is looking to revamp the stagnant cable channel.

Sleeping Dogs: First Impressions

  I’ve been reluctant to actually write a game review for several reasons, mainly because I seldom play games all the way through. On top of that, I have the attention span of a gold fish and if a game becomes too repetitive or simply becomes uninteresting I’m not likely to finish it. Compounding this, I’ve become reluctant to purchase any new games following the utter disappointment that was Street Fighter X Tekken. But after hearing BobbyBeatle sing the praises of Sleeping Dogs my curiosity was piqued to say the least. I had heard a little bit about Sleeping Dogs a while back but by the time it was released I had already forgotten all about it. BobbyBeatle’s enthusiasm brought Sleeping Dogs back to the forefront and soon won me over. Before long, I knew I had to play this game. I still wasn’t willing to risk getting burned with another lackluster game so I decided to rent it on RedBox. I figured I would play it for a few hours and see what it was all about. So around 11PM I popped in Sleeping Dogs and started playing. I was gripped by the story almost immediately.  The game’s protagonist,…

First Impressions: Mass Effect 2

I am not what you call a role playing man(think Clint Howard).  If you’re familiar with my previous writings, you’ll know that I’ve spent most of my gaming life on first person shooters and fighting games, but I was once known to dabble in the mmorpg, World of Warcraft throughout all of it’s expansions.  Aside from that, Role Playing Games have never really intrigued me.  I’ve played a fair amount through Red Dead Redemption, but that’s not really an rpg; more of an open world story with no real impact when it comes to the consequences of your choices.  You know, if you pick a certain path, you fail and have to restart from your last life.  If you fail a mission, and you or your temporary companion dies, you restart the game in a neutral location, and you’ve lost the mission.

Why Are We Always Rolling The Dice with RPG Games?

BY DirkaDurka Aloha, PTWoR fans! This time around I’m going to vociferate on a subject that is really rubbing my rhubarb wrong. This rant is about RPG Games and the general miasma some publishers and developers have toward their products. What started getting me thinking about the topic was the debacle of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The travesty of KoA:R keeps building and growing every day. I really can’t begin to expand upon all the problems they had until they closed their doors, because it’s an ongoing orgy of fail. Most likely, drama will continue to unfold for some time. Most of the news sites have been covering it, so if you’re not hip to the situation with 38 Studios, KoA:R, or the clusterfuck that is unfolding. Google it & knowledge up. Nuff said. Now getting back to the story here, I had downloaded the Demo of the game onto my computer a while back. Other titles (Skyrim, Witcher, and Diablo III aka “Diablow”) had distracted me from really investing any real time to play it. What had caught my eye was the “AAA” talent they had working on the game and the unique storyline and graphics it had. As…

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: To the Bitter End?

You guys coming or going? For those of you not familiar with the Final Fantasy family tree, Versus XIII is one of the most anticipated games in the series, probably since FFX,(as far as the graphical boost was concerned). The game was 1 of 3 others in what is called the Fabula Nova Crystallis, which in Latin means ‘massive explosion crystals‘. The other two games, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0(formerly known as Agito XIII), have since been released, as well as XIII-2, a companion sequel to XIII.

Celebrating 25 years of Street Fighter

Nearly 25 years ago, Capcom released an arcade game which paved the way for a new genre of gaming. Well, not exactly, so allow me to explain. Capcom is barely a month away from celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original Street Fighter. No, not Street Fighter II, the revolutionary fighting game that set the benchmark for what every other fighting game hoped to aspire too. Street Fighter II has barely become old enough to toss one back, turning 21 this year. Rather, it’s been 25 years since the flawed and forgettable original Street Fighter hit arcades everywhere. So forgettable that there are many who have never even had the opportunity to play it or barely know it exists. I’ve thankfully had the opportunity to play it, once. Happening upon a now defunct arcade which surprisingly had it on hand. I button mashed my way to the final boss, somehow managing to clinch victory despite utilizing rudimentary tactics and being unable to get any of the special moves to work properly. Most likely due to the soda someone spilled on the arcade stick, rather than any lack of ability on my part, of course. Still, I would love to have…