Getting Hyper Part I: SxSW Screenburn Exhibition Tournament (From a Fan’s Perspective)

  This past week, as every March in Austin, South by Southwest happened…  and it’s still happening.  While I dread the traffic and influx of bad drivers from other cities, this year there was something I could get hype for.  You see, I’m the type of guy, that once I experience something, I don’t need to experience it again.  Whether it be meeting Kevin Smith, attending an AFI concert or watching a man die from hanging.  While all of those were equally intriguing, I only need to see them once in my life. Fighting Game Tournaments, on the other hand, I could watch those all day long.  I had dabbled here and there, watching new and old tournament footage on Youtube last year, but what really hooked me in was watching all of EVO2K11 Live! on ustream.  I still watched it well after the event ended, feverishly, until fans and promoters alike were cutting the best footage into edible snippets for all to enjoy, posting them on youtube, where I began my collection of the most awesome tournaments, money matches and grudge fights. I’d show them to anybody that cared.  My favorite to date was actually one of our Video’s…

Still No Love For The FGC? The beat grows on

I wake up every morning for work the same way. Get up at 5am, throw my uni’s in the dryer to iron out the wrinkles, make mah coffee and then Prometheus picks me up. We start our work week every Thursday, the only day austin360 gets published in the Statesman. Most Thursday’s, the front cover of austin360 highlights a new eatery or the next great band that you’ll never hear about again (Spoon much?). Today though, I find a huge image of none other than… Paul Phoenix? Yes, the rugged, Vanilla Ice, hightop fade wearing, mu’fugga is throwing a punch my way and posted just below; our favorite Chinese heroine to ever trailblaze the hairbun look, Chun-Li. Needless to say, I got hype as immediately as Ricardo Montalban gets stiff….there’s a double entendre hidden somewhere in there. Now, if you don’t know by now, most of my rants are hardly anything positive, especially when it comes to places of business; and a reason why I stopped posting reviews on Yelp. I’ll try not to be too harsh, but you know what’s coming.

How my Soul Calibur V Review Turned into Best Buy’s Crappy Pre-Order Service.

  Sorry for the lack of content lately.  Prometheus and myself have been moving and even though he’s all nice and cozy, I had a lot of work to do (with no help!).  So I’m finding little bits of time here and there to bring you this review, or part of it(actually none of it).  You see, with the little time I have to write this review, I have even less time to play it; maybe close to 4 hours worth between two days(and a month passed since Day 1 release).  But enough about that!  First off, I’d like to explain the creative pre-ordering process that the ad wizards at Best Buy have laid out before us. I walked in to Best Buy late Monday evening, the day before Soul Calibur V released, to pre-order it.  Why Best Buy, you ask?  The only reason I had pre-ordered from Best Buy, as opposed to Amazon or Game Stop, was because I get the Dampierre character unlock against a fucking cheaply made, Ivy Valentine bobble head.  As much as I adore Ivy, it’s a “meh,” a big fat MEH! It was the completionist in me that wanted to own this stupid character…

Seriously Capcom? Fuck You!

  For years, I’ve held the belief that Capcom hates its fighting game fans. But now that I’m older and more mature (lulz!), I realize that it’s not hate that they have for us, but a lack of respect. I realize that Capcom is not some sort of sentient entity. No, it’s made of a collective of assholes; from Yoshinori Ono to Seth Killian. That said, I must give credit where credit is due and those two should get props for reviving both the numbered Street Fighter series as well as the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. Bravo! Shouldn’t she have graduated by now? Oh? She’s on the ten year plan. Instead of drawing entirely from the games that came before them, they instead created the sequels in their own image. Fair enough, it’s been 10+ years since the release of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Marvel vs Capcom 2 so I can’t gripe too much about making changes to the series. Of course in typical Capcom fashion, the releases of SFIV and MVC3 weren’t just one and done; subsequent revisions of both series came down the pike. With the release of SFIV: Arcade Edition, some love was finally shown…

FUS RO DAH! : The Skyrim Blog from your fellow Dovahkiin

So, I’m assuming everyone and their companions have heard about or experienced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This blog is going to be about my personal experience of the adventures I’ve had playing through and follied around in the many provinces around the country. So without further ado, take it away Mike Goldberg, “HERE WE GO!” Great Visuals   Traversing the land of Skyrim is not only fun and beautiful, but it is also the most dangerous place in the world. Getting mauled by cougars in Red Dead is one thing, but getting mauled by a Troll that comes out of nowhere can be downright bad for your health. I found myself during early levels constantly running aimlessly through caves or dungeons, only to be felled by those annoying ass traps. Those poisoned arrow traps are annoying as hell and have a seemingly infinite supply of arrows in them, and they are supposed to be a hundred years old. Pfft, gimme a break, sir!

Sexism in Video Games; And Why IGN has it Wrong…

I recently stumbled upon IGN, as I casually do every couple weeks, to see what nonsense they’re propagandizing this time around. As my day goes about, I find another bland “top ten” list or “5 reasons why blah blah, blah blah’s,” and then I stumble upon a gem . I urge you to read as it is actually quite an interesting take on the subject of sexism, however a bit misguided. It’s not the tone that I found ridiculous, rather it’s attempt at defining misogyny and how women in video games are portrayed with all the sanctity of a rub rag. Squarely, I take insult at the jab of one of my favorite characters in video games, Ivy Valentine. To be fair, Spaniards love gold and absolutely relish the fur trade…

Asura’s Wrath: First Impressions

Rawr … so I finally got around to playing this demo after hearing my partner in crime, J. Agamemnon, salivate over how it was “everything that he had hoped for.” He didn’t say those words exactly that but that’s as best as I can remember. Regardless, I must admit that although the game looks as cinematically impressive, as I had anticipated from watching the trailer, my impression of the game differs from his, if only ever so slightly.

New Year’s Resolutions and Attending Evo; Le Prologue

Well, peeps, it’s that time of year again. Every 365 days, the year begins anew, with new goals to be set, old ones to revisit and most importantly, we look back on how much we hated the previous year and how this time, it’s going to be better (even if it’s not). As far as previous resolutions, I pretty much nailed it. I tried my best to be a decent dad; still a noob. I’m staying steady on my diet and slowly losing weight. I started the year around 250 and I’m now down to 228. Sadly, my goal to save money at all, let alone my target goal of 5g, was not accomplished, so this year I will make a valiant effort to make it rain all up in my bank account. I’m currently pulling mad overtime at work to bring mama some of that honey slathered bacon. Also, Soul Calibur V comes out later this month and I’ve yet to pre-order it, so you can guess where some of that money is going.