J. Agamemnon’s Top 10 for 2012 with 12 months in 1 Year which is 365 days; in a 15 minute read

Sorry for the title, but all wake and no sleep make J. “something something.”  Today is the final day of 2011, or the year of Murphy’s Law where anything that can go wrong, not only will go wrong, but gets progressively worse.  But alas, I look upon the horizon of 2012, as I will hopefully wake from a 4 hour nap so that I may celebrate into the wee hours of the night before having to prepare for work at 0500 hours.  If only we had a strong enough readership, I would ask how you are going to spend your last day on Earth in 2011.  But it’s not strong, so I’m giving something a bit more indulging to read.  And yeah, I know everyone else does it, but everyone else is stupid…and so are their lists.  They’re like an intro to Steve Irwin’s old TV show.  It used to be awesome, but now it’s just sad and depressing.  While I am like the intro to Jack Hanna’s Wild Country!  Because Jack Hanna condones killing Bengal Tigers let loose on the Ohio countryside whilst listening to this guy.   Before I derail this reading any further, let me bring you…

5 MORE Games Prometheus would love to see Resurrected!

Arise chicken, arise! 1) Bushido Blade is/was one of my favorite fighting games of all time. It’s so unique in its game play and concept. No game before or after has been anything like it. Bushio Blade introduced a very simple and straight forward concept, if you get stabbed with a sword or any other sharp instrument, you die! Or at the very least end up maimed. Why this series abruptly ended with Bushido Blade 2 is beyond me. No, Kengo or whatever that joke of a game was called absolutely doesn’t count. With the next-gen technology available the realism of Bushido Blade could seriously be expanded on. Instead of simply limping around when you’re maimed, we could see limps flying off and blood spraying like a fire hose. (Kill Bill anyone?) The addition of blood, or bleeding more specifically, would also add an interesting element to the game and another way to defeat your opponent. Instead of running them through or Highlandering their head, you could hack off a limb and cause them to bleed out. Then stand triumphantly, with a sinister grin, bathed in the blood of your fallen opponent, crying out for a worthy challenge! Or something to that effect. Either way, I’m absolutely…

Ten Multiplayer Changes That Need To Be Made In Battlefield 3

We’re pretty much 2 months past Battlefield 3′s release and although I haven’t had as much time as I would have preferred with the multiplayer aspect, I’ve had enough time to find more than a handful of glitches or weapon “disadvantages” that I’d love to gripe about.  Fortunately that awesome that is DICE, is already on the offensive with yet another patch to be released, hopefully, before the year’s end.  Although there are many, I’ve narrowed it down to twenty, but for the reader’s sake I’ll keep it simple(r).

Bobby Beatle’sTop 5 (cont.): #1 Favorite a.k.a Crowd Pleazah

Everybody remembers the box Coming in at the Courageous #1 spot is the one and only The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. I remember the first time I locked eyes on that beautiful golden goddess of a case. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I already thought me and my bro had the best that N64 had to offer with such titles including Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., Goldeneye, and probably a couple of others that I can’t readily remember. What I do remember is that this game is generally loved by most gamers and even if they hadn’t played, they still respected it for the baller that it was at it’s time. But if you were one of the few deku scrubs that didn’t like it, then in the words of Jimmy, “y-y-you c-can pass the blunt to the nigga on your left.” Now hold the applause and drop your drawers cus’ Pappy O’Daniels is about to start his Flower Hour.

Battlefield 3: Dude Where’s My MP5 Navy?

Ah, at long last I’ve unlocked the MP5 Navy…wait…the  HK53?! What is this bullshit?! Would it really have killed them to have just fucking included the MP5 Navy?! Oh well, whatever, a gun called by any other name shall kill just as efficiently, right? Except… what is that? A 12x scope? On a submachine gun?

Vanilla Super Muff Cabbage 2011: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

You asked and I reluctantly gave in. Upon having negative, preconceived notions of the amped-up version of Vanilla MVC3, I am here to revisit old thoughts, share new ones and ultimately share my final thoughts. Jerry, lead us in… I don’t even… You know, it’s one thing for one to be aware of another’s expectations of them. In this case, I was fully aware of Capcom’s expectations of me buying this new rehash. But it’s another thing entirely to know that information and prove that person or entity wrong. And instead, I proved them right. I don’t know what it is! Maybe it’s my nostalgic love for MVC2 or my undying allegiance to my childhood idols that let me pop claws, throw shields and proton blast the paint off my enemies shiny metal tuchas. One thing you must know about me is that I’m not privy to “buying the hype,” not even for my most favorite games.

5 games Prometheus would love to see resurrected!

Out of my way chump!   1) Road Rash – I seldom play racing games, not because I don’t think they’re good games but because I’m terrible at them. I can’t manage to keep myself from crashing long enough to win a race and thus it’s difficult to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. That said, when you add in weapons, it tips the scale for would-be racing game fans. Plus, who doesn’t want to smack someone on the face with a steel chain while riding a motorcycle? I know I do! I’ll take a lead pipe, leather boot, or a taser as a substitute though. I’m really not that picky. Not since I was a wee lad have I played Road Rash. The last time I recall playing it was on Sega CD. (I was at Sears in the mall, I never owned that travesty of a system). Since then another version was released on the PlayStation which didn’t exactly garner admiration from gamers. Still, that’s no reason to put the kibosh on the franchise. Imagine playing a motorcycle racing game as gorgeous as Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. Now imagine you’re neck and neck with another racer, the finish line in the…

Bobbybeatle’s Top 5 Greatest Hits

For centuries, mankind has found it difficult as I to organize a top 5 list of their favorite videogames. Over the years I have spent countless hours inside the sanctuary of my home, secluded in a dark room with nothing but a console and controller and whatever game I happen to be playing at the time. I have usually always had a good idea about what games I liked the most but sometimes found that I would put a game in my top 5 just after beating it for the first time. I soon learned that after a few replays of a game you thought you instantly loved, you soon begin to find every flaw it has to offer, and whether you can overlook it’s flaws for the overall experience of the game is the true test that it may qualify to be one of your very own “greatest hits”. Over the last few weeks in this cubicle space nightmare I call a job, I have had the opportunity to make, what I think, is my absolute Top 5 list to date.