Let’s Play Battlefield 4: Part 8 – Straight Booty Son

  After the devastatingly long glitch the Save File Corrupted?! Crew suffered, they continue onward from the dreaded restart only to find some sneaky soldiers invading the battleship. Lots of restarts… lots of frustration. 

Let’s Play Battlefield 4 Part 7 – The Forever Sea

    Welcome back!  After a long absence, the gang falls into the middle of a dogfight on an abandoned ship. This video is rather lengthy, but it’s well worth it as the Save File Corrupted?! crew try to get themselves out of a time loop (time loop). Because this game has had enough grief with glitches. I’ve not seen this one discovered before so let’s say it’s a first. *wink wink*

Let’s Play Tomb Raider Part 9 – Vodka & Hentai

In Part 9 of our Let’s Play Tomb Raider Prometheus and Agamemnon are joined by Fuzzy Slippers again as we guide Lara Croft through the perils of puns, hentai, head ties, Australian cooking shows, black cherries, a port vented slide and of course a healthy dose of immaturity! 

Let’s Play Dragon’ s Dogma – Part 1

We take a break from the FPS and Action/Adventure games to delve into a very underrated RPG, Dragon’s Dogma! BobbyBeatle walks us through the game mechanics while kicking an ass or three. If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon’s Dogma and you’re looking for a new RPG to cut your teeth on, I’d highly recommend checking this out!

Let’s Play Battlefield 4 Part 6 – Even More Aroused Now

  In this rousing Let’s Play of Battlefield 4, we learn that while explosives can be fun, they must be handled with care. We also do some Tank hunting, unlock some weapons and even manage to do a good dead in the process. D’aww!

Let’s Play Tomb Raider Part 8 – Fumble Fingers?

In Part 8 of our Let’s Play Tomb Raider Prometheus and Agamemnon continue without Beatle at their side, but fear not Fuzzy Slippers makes his debut as he assists in the sound effect department.  Now with more Zelda references.  As always, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel so we can keep the vids coming!

Let’s Play Battlefield 4 Part 5 – Killing Fire Extiguishers

  In part 5 of our Let’s Play from Battlefield 4‘s single player campaign Prometheus makes his way up a skyscraper to exfiltrate an “important woman and her husband.” A massive battle unfolds on the roof and many fire extinguishers are, well, extinguished.

Let’s Play Tomb Raider Part 7 – The Best of Young Blood

In Part 7 of Let’s Play Tomb Raider, we take Lara Croft vertical, review fire safety, admire Lara’s stylish double button pocket trousers, solve another ridiculous fire laden contraption and we discover a treasure so amazing they didn’t even bother to render it into the game.