Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Demo

The trailers which have been released for Metal Gear Solid V have been gorgeous and done their job at effectively getting me excited for the Metal Gear Solid sequel that I never even knew was coming. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Metal Gear Solid V but now we’re finally getting an opportunity to see an extended look at the gameplay with this footage.

Why Spec Ops: The Line Deserves a Sequel

WARNING:  If you’ve yet to play Spec Ops: The Line then I highly recommend you go play it before reading this. Or you could just read this if you’d like, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Spec Ops: The Line was arguably the sleeper hit of 2012. Yes, I have a calender and yes I realize that it’s 2013 but Spec Ops: The Line was such a sleeper that I managed to avoid hearing even whispers about it until very recently. It’s a shame, it’s a damn shame especially considering that Spec Ops: The Line is easily one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Period. Sure it has its issues but ultimately it’s a game that deserved significantly more exposure. Whether or not you’re a fan of the shooter genre, it’s definitely worth a play through for the story alone.

Hideo Kojima wants to bring “sexy” back for Metal Gear Solid V

As if the gameplay footage for Metal Gear Solid V wasn’t enough to get you excited, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has stated that he’s directed Yoji Shinkawa, who’s responsible for the character designs, to make the characters “sexy”. Kojima had previous stated that he wanted his characters to be “more erotic”, but he’s since clarified that. Kind of. Whether the characters in Metal Gear Solid V will be more erotic or just plain sexy, he cited his reason for the change as wanting to encourage more cosplay of his characters as well as to increase sales of action figures.

Your Daily News Weekly For September 4th

    I’m trying out a new video game series, so bare with me as I find my feet for this new endeavor.  Please check it out and whatever input you can send my way, please do.  In this latest episode I discuss PBS new webshow, Killscreen.  Hopefully it’s as good as Idea Channel.  Sony cuts some jobs from their Whale’s Vagina and Neo San Francisco offices.  Sony also released a list of publishers and developers creating exclusive content for the PS4.  What can that mean for some? Sony may also be planning a move against the Oculus Rift, showcasing their new VR headset for PS4.  Tune for more info and await anxiously for the next episode of Your Daily News, Weekly.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Bro-Op #1 – Mind the Mines

Bobbybeatle (Sam) and Prometheus (Briggs) team-up for a little Splinter Cell: Blacklist online co-op and take the fight straight to the Opium Farms of Faryab, Afghanistan. They show just how deadly they can be as a team and just how important it is to mind the mines.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

The release of Grand Theft Auto V is right around corner so in an effort to help you get even more pumped up for it, Rockstar has release their “official” trailer. Their official trailer drops more story elements, you get a glimpse into Michael and Trevor’s relationship and how Michael relapses back into his bank robber habit.

The FGC and Its Bad Habits

    By now, I’m sure many of you reading this understand the relevancy of the title, and the hot button issues that have sprung as of late.  I came across an interesting article this morning by Giant Bomb writer, Patrick Klepek, which shed some much needed light on the subject of collusion and it’s lengthy history.  I really applaud the article for it’s content and clarification on collusion within the FGC, along with incredible and undeniable evidence that dates back as far as 2004.  That’s something you don’t get from Kotaku and IGN.  Now naysayers have no leg to stand on, just their own ignorance. 

4 Reasons Why You’ll Hate Last of Us

I unfortunately don’t have near enough time to play as many video games as I once did. So instead of being seasoned in most of the games out on the market, I’m forced to cherry pick which video games I can dedicate my time to. Most recently, I was able to play through Last of Us. Yeah, Yeah, I know. You’re tired of hearing about how great this game is. Well, thankfully for you that’s not what this is about. Instead, I’ve decided to take the time to tell you why you’ll hate Last of Us. Yeah, I said it.