South Park: The Stick of Truth E3 Trailer

After the fall of THQ, there was some trepidation concerning the future of South Park: The Stick of Truth. THQ couldn’t pay their bills so their titles were sold to the highest bidder. I’m absolutely thankful that South Park was able to survive THQ’s financial woes because The Stick of Truth looks damn good.

Kiefer Sutherland to voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid V

While I’m still attempting to cope with the news that David Hayter won’t be voicing Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V, the news that Jack Bauer while be lending his vocal cords to the role certainly helps soften the blow.

Why EA Making Star Wars Games is the Best Thing to Ever Happen

      By now, we’re all saddened by LucasArts studio shutting down, and with it our Boba Fett game and whatever bad ass Star Wars games that were in the making.  I’m sure Disney is finished wiping their tears with money by now. 

Top 5 Best Anti-Piracy Measures

Sometimes it felts great to stick it to the man. And sometimes it’s the man who sticks it to you. And sometimes when the man does, you damn sure deserved it. Anyone who’s familiar with gaming is likely equally familiar with pirating games. Many publishers have made woefully asinine missteps in an effort to keep their games out of the hands of digital pirates. More often than not the DRM policies they’ve instituted have ended up creating major headaches for their own paying customers. Luckily, there are developers out there who have instead opted for more creative approaches.

How Nintendo Wants To Reward Themselves For Your Hard Work; And Why They Owe You Nothing

    In what may comfortably go down as the biggest dick move in video games this year, Nintendo has partnered with Youtube to monetize any and all Let’s Play videos that show Nintendo related content of a certain length, with no chance of content creators ever seeing a dime for their hard work. 

EA Discontinuing Online Passes: They’ll Get Your Money Elsewhere

    For the past few years, the debate raged on; Were online passes a justified response to counter used games sales, or just a sad, futile attempt to collect money on consumers well after their game had already been purchased?  Myself and Prometheus argued both for and against it. 

Borderlands 2 Event This Weekend; Krieg DLC Arrives Tuesday

    Get ready fellow vault hunters, Gearbox is hitting us with an interesting Mother’s Day weekend.  Why Mother’s Day? I haven’t a clue, but hopefully you’ll be able to find some time away from mum to get some serious leveling up these next couple days.

Zone of The Enders Sequel Canceled; HD Collection Sales Poor

    Only a year after the initial announcement of a new installment in the Zone of Enders series, Hideo Kojima has decided to pull the plug.  Citing embarrassing sales numbers for the HD Collection for the decision, Kojima has decided to disband the studio working on the game and quietly allow the series to die.  So maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but with the amount of love Metal Gear Solid is getting, can anyone really be that excited for a Zone of Enders sequel.  Looking at how badly the “HD Remake” was handled, would you want those same hands to sully the next title in the franchise?  Love it or hate it, Kojima is most likely doing fans a favor by disallowing the series from going any further, at least not without his full undivided attention.