Batman v Superman: Dawn of The DCEU’s Downfall

Warning: Spoilers Follow The beginning of the DC Extended Universe (DC’s name for their movie-verse) truly begins with Batman V Superman, notes Zack Snyder. And he’s actually right about that. There certainly was no plan for it when Man of Steel came out. That was all rushed together to compete with Marvel and their cinematic universe. Marvel was years ahead in those terms, so of course Warner Bros. would scramble together something quickly to get in the game; Big mistake.

Eco-Horror on Pollution, Energy Crisis, and Epidemic

While modern day humans are in a sense, more in control of nature than ever before, it wasn’t long ago when every noise in the night was something potentially deadly. While the world has changed, our fears haven’t, and new man-made environmental damage is bringing those fears back to the forefront. Earthquakes caused by fracking, floods caused by global warming, and epidemics caused by antibiotic resistant superbugs are a new reality – and we have only ourselves to blame. As the main reason why eco-horror films resonate so deeply with audiences, and the effects of global warming continue to worsen, viewers can see that reality and its consequences reflected in on screen.  

A History of Zombies in Pop Culture

The Walking Dead is back for season six, and there have already been some tragic casualties. The characters aren’t the only ones doing battle – there are also miniature wars raging throughout the web between the fans posting spoilers and the fans who are, well, less than appreciative. These debates just highlight the growing popularity of the show, which exploded onto the scene six years ago with over five million viewers per episode and opened the latest season with almost 20 million viewers. Vampires may have dominated popular culture in the past, but passionate fans are helping propel brain eaters past bloodsuckers. Series like The Walking Dead and iZombie are bringing a new humanity – and differing viewpoints – to these formerly human protagonists.

Review: Tales of Halloween

While Halloween has officially come and gone, that doesn’t mean audiences can’t still see October’s new releases. Tales of Halloween, released through video on demand on October 16th, was named by Fangoria as “the best horror anthology since Trick ‘r Treat”, but what does that actually mean? Horror anthologies aren’t something that cinema fans are treated to regularly, so to say Tales of Halloween is the “best” is not quite the boast a reader might imagine.

3 Observations About Spectre

Spectre finally comes out this week, and while most Bond fans are by now familiar with the basic plot and the action from the trailers, it’s not too late for a round of final observations heading into the release. These are a few things that have been interesting about the build-up to Bond 24.

6 Movies that Prove New Zealand is the Underdog of Horror-Comedy

Braindead (1992), (Released in the US under the title Dead Alive) Rotten Tomatoes: 86% | IMDB: 7.6/10 Dead Alive isn’t just a fantastic and gory cult film; it’s also directed by the one and only Peter Jackson. If for some reason you haven’t seen this movie and need more encouragement, how do zombie babies, zombie sex, a ninja priest, and talking intestines sound?

The Best of Wes: 5 Movies to Marathon this Labor Day

Earlier this week on August 30th, famed director Wes Craven passed away after losing his battle with brain cancer. Wes was widely known for his genre defining horror films, often directing and writing some of his best works. His films and their themes could be shocking and gruesome, but the multi-talented man always presented himself as a humble, affable, and passionate personality. His presence in the film industry will sorely be missed.

7 Things That Have No Business Being Haunted

Walking through an antique shop, you see plenty of items that you believe, without a doubt, have some sort of curse or lingering spirit following it. Dolls: oh yeah. Music boxes that only play out of tune: definitely. Ouija boards: get out of here. So what are some objects that don’t always belong in the creepy hall of fame?