Punching The Walls of Reality Presents

PTWoR Presents: Justin Piatt of Unlikely Heroes Studios

Justin Piatt, along with co-creator and artist Zack Dolan, have created something truly extraordinary with their comic book, Super! They’ve managed to make the Superhero genre feel fresh again through both parody and homage to the super heroes we all grew up with. We were very fortunate to be able to pry Justin anyway from his tireless work on Super! to pick his brain about how Super! all came about and where it’s going.

PTWoR Presents: Rich of My Take Radio!

You may recall that back in March we had the pleasure of being a part of Rich’s interview series, MTR Behind the Mic. Well, we’re now honored to Present Rich of My Take Radio! For those who don’t know, My Take Radio brings you the latest from MMA, wrestling, video games, movies/TV, tech, comics, cosplay, interviews and a weekly live 3-hour video podcast top it off!