Straight Outta Austin

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 202 – Yawn of Justice

Boil up some Mountain Dew it’s gonna be a long podcast as we dissect Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 201 – Staple! Con, Deadpool, & Friends

  In this episode of Straight Outta Austin! we discuss the Deadpool movie, Iron Fist’s potential casting, JJ Abrams bringing more diversity into Hollywood, Kojima wanting his new game to become an anime, the train wreck that is Street Fighter V, a new Gundam video game, and why ninja stars and recreational drugs don’t mix.

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 200 – Fintastic

  The Novas join us as we celebrate our landmark 200th episode! 

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 199 – Australia Day

  Another pulse pounding episode of Straight Outta Austin! for you to sink your teeth into!  [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 198 – Always

In this episode of Straight Outta Austin! we remember Alan Rickman aka Severus Snape aka Hans Gruber. We also talk about awesome things like Season 2 of Jessica Jones, a potential Punisher Netflix series. And not so cool things, like a Jack Bauer-less 24. Say what?  [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 197 – All New, All Different…Kinda

We ring in the New Year with a shiny new episode of Straight Outta Austin! I know, we spoil you… [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 196 – Imperial March On Vinyl

In this week’s episode of Straight Outta Austin! we discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Tom Hardy bummed about turning down Suicide Squad, Deadpool Second Trailer Reactions and more!  [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin! Episode 195 – Teenage Star Wars Batman vs Daredevil Apocalypse

In this week’s episode of Straight Outta Austin! we discuss everything from arguments for and against an Asian-American Iron Fist, Starwars 1313 potentially being made, the Xena reboot finding a writer, X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Reactions, Norman Reedus Reportedly Bitten by Walking Dead Fan at Zombie Convention and much more!   [display_podcast]