Straight Outta Austin

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 165 – Iceman’s Retcon

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we’re short one Prometheus. *GASP* Yes, I know, the impossible has happened but fear not Amuro is taking the reigns and the show will go on! Jon Stewart’s final show on The Daily Show, Iceman coming out of the closet, and Daredevil renewed for the second season are among the topics discussed. Stay awhile and listen!  [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 164 – The Force Awakens

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we talk about the Batman V Superman trailer, the Fantastic Four trailer and the Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer. Once we’re done with trailer talk we discuss why there haven’t been any new Hulk solo movies and how a Black Widow solo film may be in the works, the upcoming Agents of Shield spin off, and Matthew Vaughn potentially directing a Flash Gordon reboot.   [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 163 – Spider-Gwen Cover Controversy

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we discuss everything from Ryan Reynolds getting run over by the paparazzi, Wonder Woman’s director dropping out, Olivia Munn being cast as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, controversy surrounding Frank Cho’s Spider-Gwen cover, our thoughts on this year’s Haven Con, and the police doing something good for a change, in Canada at least.    [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 162 – Too Violent for Wal-Mart

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we discuss the latest news on the upcoming Deadpool movie, why you should (or shouldn’t) buy the new X-Men: Days of Future Past on DVD/Blu ray, Mr. Eko playing Killer Croc, Stephen Amell playing Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Trevor Noah tweets coming under fire, Ronda Rousey “too violent” for Wal-Mart, and the woes of being Snoop Dogg’s Deputy Dogg.   [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 161 – Hashtag Tara Lives

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we discuss the season finale of week’s episode of The Walking Dead! We also discuss The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, the return of X-Files, Trevor Noah succeeding Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Mike Tyson and a CGI Bruce Lee being featured in IP Man 3, and we also learn how buying your children Call Of Duty Or Grand Theft Auto can get you reported to the police. [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 160 – Why So Serious

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we discuss last week’s episode of The Walking Dead and make predictions about who will survive next week’s season finale! We also have a roundtable discussion about the Batgirl/Joker cover controversy. Be sure to tell us how you feel about the issue.  [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 159 – COBRA

This week on Straight Outta Austin! we discuss last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Lucy Lawless joining the Evil Dead tv show, Friday the 13th coming to the CW, Zoolander 2 coming to theaters, Chris Pine being considered for Green Lantern, Smallville’s John Schneider waging the finger at Man Of Steel’s Jonathan Kent, Suicide Squad bringing back good old fashioned practical effects, Paul Feig defending his female led Ghostbusters, and why you shouldn’t throw pizza on somebody else’s roof.    [display_podcast]

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 158 – Do You Smell What Dredd is Cooking?

This week on Straight Outta Austin! the worm turns as we discuss PETA’s involved in a recent episode of The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead spin-off being green lit for two seasons, Jada Pinkett Smith potentially not returning to Gotham in season 2, Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables coming to television, a sequel to Dredd being possible if The Rock joins the cast, and Valiant comics wanting to create their own universe, cinematic universe that is.  [display_podcast]