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The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 005: The Doctor (Doom) Is In.

This week we welcome guest star Doom (From The Comic Board) as we gush about Kirkman’s Invincible & Walking Dead comics, how awesome Fables is and could’ve been a superior show over Once Upon A Time, our ideas and thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the related Netflix shows (tiara and chain belt on Luke Cage anyone?), talk about X-Men: Apocalypse some, reminisce on the good ol’ convention days, and more.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 004: State of the DC Universe

In the fourth episode of The Comic Bubble Podcast, a quick praise of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is given (spoiler free), followed by how DC gave away what happens to Nightwing following the events of Forever Evil (not spoiler free), how not just the DCU, but DC’s editorial staff is in shambles. Talks also include Batman celebrating 75 years, favorite Batman moments, Marvel’s upcoming Netflix shows, and X-Men: Apocalypse/universe chatter.   [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 003: I’m Flying Solo, I’m Flying Solo

  In the third episode of The Comic Bubble Podcast, it’s just Ice on his lonesome self as he discusses the newly announced Spider-Verse event, his thoughts on  Peter Parker vs Doc Ock as Spider-Man, Justice League United’s new teenage member, the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game, dishes on the TMNT and X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers, and even talks about the Gotham and Flash series coming to a TV near you this Fall on FOX and The CW respectively.   [display_podcast]   Don’t forget: The Comic Bubble records live Fridays at 9pm/8pm Central on! You can also subscribe via iTunes and follow on Facebook!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 002: One Magneto To Rule Them All

  In this episode, we welcome back Prometheus as he brings his Punching The Walls of Reality partner-in-crime, JAgamemnon! We cover such topics as Marvel’s explosive #1’s, go over the first Magneto issue and the Batman/Superman Annual, reveal what happens to the future Brotherhood from Battle of the Atom (Spoilers, watch out now!) and how Marvel Studio’s Quicksilver is so much better than FOX’s version.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 001: Hope You Survive The Experience

In the very first episode of the brand spanking new Comic Bubble Podcast, PTWOR’s own Prometheus appears as the very first guest as we discuss our favorite comics, reading habits, Mark Millar, why Terry Crews just isn’t fit to play Luke Cage and get into comic character and race for their Hollywood adaptations.