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Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out- Recap

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert! #Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned, spoilers lie ahead, so don’t come crying to me because I don’t want to hear it. We start off this episode with Shane being chased by hungry, hungry walkers and seeking safe haven in the magic school bus. I’m sure he mused to himself that, this never happened at my old zombie apocalypse. Nearby, the now retired from parkour kid, who’s name is Randall I guess, is tied up and trying to escape being eaten alive. Apparently the walkers interrupted some intense bondage play. For shame. They looked like they were having such a good time.

Walking Dead: Triggerfinger- Recap

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert! #Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned, spoilers lie ahead, so don’t come crying to me because I don’t want to hear it. Welcome back folks! I’m sure you remember last episode when I said I would be catching up on the previous season via le Netflix? Yeeeeeah, that didn’t quite happen. In spite of my lack of follow through, I’ve still managed to somewhat grasp an understanding of what’s going on in the land of The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead: Nebraska – Recap

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert! #Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned, spoilers lie ahead, so don’t come crying to me because I don’t want to hear it.

Sons of Anarchy: Operation Belfast

Enroute to Belfast, bitches! “Oh nooooo! My baby! He took my baby!” cried Jax Teller during the season finale of season 2 as an Irishman sailed away with his baby boy. Oh yes, a man who was once an ally, a man who once shared an intimate moment with Juice (Juice put his fingers in his ass, seriously) had turned public enemy number one. All due to a sinister scheme engineered by Agent Stahl. When Agent Stahl was first introduced, I really liked her character. She was so off the wall and bizarre not to mention a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. But her pension for being a devious bitch quickly overshadowed her charms. The lengths with which she was willing to take to succeed made her the perfect foil for Samcro. While they’re willing to threaten, assault and murder to accomplish their goals, they do so within a loose but existent code of ethics; no women, no children, and try really hard not to kill each other either. Agent Stahl on the other hand, is unbound by even a remote moral code. She even goes as far as killing her own lesbian lover. Perhaps lover isn’t the most…

Sons of Anarchy: The Shield cast as Outlaw Bikers? Not quite…

Goddamn. I recently finished the longest TV binge in my 27 years of life. And it was glorious. I don’t watch much TV aside from my rekindled love affair with X-men the animated series, which you can read about in a previous posting. But X-men aside, the two television series which I’ve held in the highest accord were Lost and the Shield. Well, we all know what happened with Lost. And if you don’t, then consider yourself lucky. Sorry Agamemnon but the Island demanded a sacrifice. So that leaves us with the Shield, an absolute masterpiece of fiction. My love for The Shield was what initially piqued my interest in Sons of Anarchy. There are obvious parallels to be made as both series feature antiheroes, whether they are dirty cops or outlaw bikers. They’ve both committed atrocious acts but, at least for the most part, they do so with a code of honor and a certain charm where you can’t help but root for them. The character archetypes overall lap as well.  Clay Morrow bears a strong resemblance to Vic Mackey, both head strong leaders with an outrageous temper, often witty, and even sympathetic, up to a point. Then there…

X-Men the Animated Series: 19 Years Later

Thank you Netflix! I must say that despite being money grubbing assholes you have reunited me with my childhood love, X-men the Animated Series.  No, not lame ass X-men Evolution, I have no interest in watching X-men meets Saved by the Bell. I’m speaking of the early 90s cartoon series that kept my eyes glued to the screen every Saturday morning at 10:30, Pacific Standard Time. It was not uncommon to find me wearing a makeshift trench coat and gloves with the fingers cut off attempting to throw playing cards at friends and family members.  Yes mon amis, I was and still am an X-men fanatic. That said; don’t mistakenly believe that means that I enjoy everything X-men. On the contrary, I hold X-men, in every medium, to the highest standard. An atrocity like X-men: The Last Stand doesn’t get a by simply because it bares the X-men name. I can actually feel vomit forming in the back of my throat just having thought about that abomination. So let’s move on.   Not many movies or TV shows can withstand the test of time. I know this is a cliché but X-men has most certainly aged like a fine wine….