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The Walking Dead Season 4: Infected

 Spoiler Alert. If you’re worried about spoilers then I highly recommend that you watch Infected before watching my recap. As with every recap, you can except me to add my own blend of comedy to an otherwise grind episode. In Infected a new threat is introduced, relationships are ended and the death toll rises substantially. Not to mention there’s a mystery of who’s out there making the lives Rick and company that much more difficult. 

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere: 30 Days Without an Accident

If you recall from Seasons 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead, I’ve been writing weekly recaps for each episode. Well, I decided to change things up for season 4. This is my first attempt at doing a video recap so bear with me as I get the hang of it. Without further adieu, please check out my recap of 30 Days Without an Accident and let me know what you think.

Breaking Bad: Episode 16 – Felina – Recap

It goes without saying that Walter White is a conundrum. While he has done more to destroy the life of Jeese Pinkman than other anybody else, he’s also risked his life time and time again in order to save him. This episode completely exemplifies that. Felina is not only the Series Finale that we wanted but it’s the one that we deserved.

Breaking Bad: Episode 15 – Granite State – Recap

While last week’s episode, Ozymandias, was arguably the most intense episode of Breaking Bad, Granite State slows things down quite a bit. The latter half of the episode reminded me quite a bit of the episode “Fly” from season 3, while still carving out its own identity. If Granite State can be summed up by any phrase it would be “ripple effect”, because it’s essentially the continuation of how Walt’s choices still impact everyone who’s ever crossed paths with him.

Breaking Bad: Episode 14 – Ozymandias – Recap

Ozymandias begins with a flashback to Walt and Jeese’s first cook. They’re at the exact spot where Walt buried his fortune and was eventually apprehended by Hank. After Walt and Jeese finish their cook, Walt calls Skylar to explain to her that he’ll be working late and won’t be home in time for dinner. She’s okay with his tardiness and asks him to bring home a pizza. The scenes end as they fade away, brining us back to the present day.

The Complete Breaking Bad Series Will Come in a Barrel

Because you didn’t pay attention in chemistry class you’ll never be Heisenberg and therefore never have barrels upon barrels of cash. I know, the truth hurts. Thankfully you can have the next best thing*, the complete season of Breaking Bad, in a barrel! 

Sons of Anarchy: The 10 Most Shocking Moments

     Season 6 is finally underway, and with one episode already behind us, the only thing we know for certain is that there are plenty of shocking moments in store.  With one cheating husband, a man drowned in piss, another raped, one pissed-off US Marshall and a school shooting, Sons of Anarchy is already flooding the newsreels with controversy.  So with another incredibly shocking season opener under our belt, let’s take a look back at some of the best, most shocking moments throughout the entirety of Sons of Anarchy.

Breaking Bad: Episode 13 – To’hajiilee – Recap

This is it, the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Or if you’re a Walter White sympathizer, the episode you’ve been dreading. Walt is finally beaten at his own game; he’s outsmarted, manipulated and placed in handcuffs thanks to the two biggest liabilities he’s refused to kill. Hank and Jeese that is. There are still 3 episodes left, but it’s clear that no matter how it ends, Walt won’t get away unscathed.