May the Fourth be with You – Behold Vadering!

The Japanese craze of Dragonballing swept the internet with incredible speed. The rest of the world could only watch speechless, mouths agape, ever envious, wishing they had come up with it first. But alas, they did not. However, The World at Large did not sit idly for long. The response was swift, the response was awesome, the response was Vadering! – Prometheus  Source: Comic Alliance You May Also Like: New Japan Photo Craze Better Than Planking First image of Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past Zack Snyder To Direct Justice League? Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Gosling Take a Break from Acting

New Japan Photo Craze Better Than Planking

    The latest craze to come out of Japan has finally made it’s way stateside.  For lack of a better term, Dragonballing is the action of taking a picture to emulate your favorite Dragonball attack, while all your friends appear to be blasted or affected by it, by making alligators in the air.  It makes planking look totally fucking stupid, by the way.  Well, it was stupid to begin with. 

Want to Join the PtWoR Crew?

What? I can write for PtWoR?!  Level with me Punchers, what are you even doing with your life? You’re sitting around, eating Cheetos and playing Skyrim all day. Wouldn’t you rather contribute to something great? We here at Punching the Walls of Reality (PtWoR) certainly feel that you have the ability to be more than just a kill count waiting to happen. And luckily for you we’re in the market for new contributors to add to our stable. As you should already know, we cover a variety of topics spanning from comic books and games to television and movies. We’re wanting to expand our coverage and output. That’s where you come in, Punchers. PtWoR is looking for volunteers to contribute to the website. We’d like add a columnist or two, who’s able to commit to writing at least one article a week. You know you’ve been wanting to do some writing anyway.  So what are you waiting for? Do it now!  Hit us up at contact@ptwor.com and let us know what you would like to write about. Please include at least one writing sample. And remember, writing for PtWoR goes great with resumes.

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Roosterteeth’s Sneak Peek into RWBY: Excited You Are!

  Roosterteeth has finally given me a reason to put me back in their fold. In the teaser trailer above, we are introduced to a young Red Riding Hood-type female, but with one of my favorite weapons ever. Gun swords, eat your heart out. We got anti-armor rifle-scythe’s slicing through rabid man-eating wolves. What this actually entails is beyond me for the time being, but I did a bit of research and found an article on RT’s website from their very own, Monty Oum. Rhyme intentional.

Real Honest Reviews: Borderlands 2

It’s probably safe to say, you’ve read tons of reviews on this game well before you found your path here.  You’re forgiven.  But most of the sites have it right and Borderlands 2 is a worthwhile successor and waster of time.  Initially, I wasn’t very interested in a sequel.  What more could Gearbox do that they hadn’t achieved in with Borderlands?  Well, in my opinion, not much else. And with blunt honesty, not much has drastically changed aside from locations and classes.  Okay, there’s more than that, I’m just being melodramatic, but only a little.  In an MMO, this would be considered an expansion because let’s be truthful with ourselves, this is what an expansion entails.  New classes, new locations, new items, nerfs, buffs etc.  This game has it, but without any carry-over progress from the previous game.  Your only reward for playing the previous game is an empty thank you and some unlockable skins and heads for each character.

Mass Effect 3 Getting “Omega” DLC in November

  This isn’t a dream people! Man your stations! Prepare to take back…Earth? No we did that. Palaven? No! Omega? That’s Right! Wait? We are? Oh yes, the shadiest place in all the Milky Way galaxy is under Cerberus control, arguably the shadiest of shady, and Shepard and the Normandy crew are teaming up with Aria T’Loak to take it back! More than likely, she’ll be added as a squadmate.  The game drops stateside, November 27th on all platforms.