Wizard World ’14

Wizard World ’14 – Gerimi Burleigh interview

  We spoke with Gerimi Burleigh at Wizard World 2014 about his graphic novel Eye of the Gods as well as his series Morningstar.

Wizard World ’14 – Anomaly Podcast Interview

We met up with the ladies of the Anomaly podcast at Wizard World 2014 and got a rundown of the origins of the podcast, the kind of feedback they’ve received and learned a bit about the Anomaly Supplement podcast. We also got their thoughts on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the reaction of fans at Comic Conventions vs the Renaissance Fair, and what we can expect next from Anomaly Podcast! 

Wizard World ’14: Weird Girls – Interview

At long last, the interview you never knew you’ve been waiting for your entire life, Prometheus interview’s Weird-Girls.com at Wizard World Austin! We a bit about each of the Weird Girls as well as Weird Girls’ founder, Mark Gardener, and what the future holds for Weird Girls!

Wizard World ’14 – Aquaman Interview

At this year’s Wizard World Austin, Prometheus chats the Sovereign of the Seven Seas himself, The Aquaman! They discuss everything from Superman making an appearance in Aquaman’s movie to Somali pirates and Atlantean martial arts! Wait, there’s more! Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 137 – Everything is Batman The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 031: Unbeatable Squirrel Bubble Wizard World ’14 Cosplay Save File Corrupted?! Episode 40 – Second Wind